Ahrefs Majestic: your complete guide.


Regardless of common opinion, SEO is still relevant for every online business strategy today. Yet one of the most critical factors is to use a method that will help you accomplish your goals. Expert Ben Beck, who uses and analyses various martech resources, is doing a head-to-head analysis of two top SEO analysts: Ahrefsvs. Majestic.

Ahrefs Majestic, what are both of them?

Starting with Ahrefs in the Ahrefs Majestic comparison, Ahrefs is described as the “ultimate toolkit for SEO professionals.” It is designed to crawl the web and store information linked to links and keywords. Many users rely on Ahrefs Majestic to study keywords, see what keywords their rivals rank, and also develop content marketing and SEO strategies to improve their organic traffic.

The first analytical/backlink instrument to be reviewed is Majestic. Majestic is considered to have the largest relation index database in the world. With Majestic, users can search a vast archive of links for unique URLs, domains, keywords, and key phrases. Majestic is used for traders, SEO experts, and professionals, developers, and researchers.

Ahrefs Majestic: Strengths.


User-friendliness: While Ahrefs can sound daunting to beginners, it is pretty easy to set up and use them. There is also a wealth of tools, such as videos and support manuals, which illustrate how to get the tool up and running and how to execute different functions.

Consumer loyalty and experience: even though Ahrefs has a marginally lower customer satisfaction rate—95 per cent—compared to Ahrefs Majestic uses a live customer service feature to assist consumers and direct them through troubleshooting protocols in real-time. Usually, this form of support is more beneficial and favoured by many users than uploading tickets or sending emails.

Majestic strengths:

Compatible with several devices: Ahrefs Majestic features a range of capabilities as well as providing mobile-friendly iPhones, iPads, Android, and Linux apps, making this tool extremely convenient and available. Majestic also has a great (and free!) SEO extension for Chrome, where you can quickly examine backlinks from the pages you’re visiting.

Price: Relative to some of its rivals, Majestic is also a cost-effective choice, particularly because it caters to a wide variety of audiences and user bases. Depending on your preferences, Majestic offers you a free plan, a lite plan, a pro plan, and a full API plan. The free plan doesn’t always give you a lot of features and features, so you’re going to need at least a lite edition that costs $50 a month.

Fixed integrations: Majestic provides access to four other programs and platforms: BuzzSumo, Online CEO, PiwikPRO, and Covario. To make the most of Majestic’s full API, you would need to switch to the Full API package.


Deficiencies of Ahrefs:

Price: One of the major concerns we’ve noticed about Ahrefs in our research is that it’s costly. It’s double the expense of Majestic at $99 a month for the lite version. However, depending on your company and your needs, you will be able to justify the expense of a better tool.

Lack of integration: Another drawback or downside of using Ahrefs Majestic is the lack of integrations available. Integration is not included with the regular subscription model. Users or developers wishing to use the Ahrefs API must show the utility of their software and wait for Ahrefs to accept (or deny) it.

Magnificent weaknesses:

Integration Flexibility: While Majestic can be combined with other resources, the list is small. As described above to take advantage of Majestic’s full API capabilities, you will have to sign up for a Full API contract that could cost up to a few hundred dollars a month. For certain companies and consumers, this could be a bit too big.


Which SEO tool is better to use?

Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. So, you have to see what you need the most from the Ahrefs vs. Majestic comparison we made and choose the best for you.