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Atlantek Computers technicians have helped thousands of customers with their data storage devices. We have fixed HDDs, retrieving lost data, and now are increasingly recommending online cloud solutions accessible through your wireless or fibre broadband.

Storing data in the cloud is a top-rated and convenient solution these days. We have no shortage of online devices, but one of the most exciting suggestions is Google Drive, part of the Google account. So how does the cloud work, and what is included in the package?

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive allows you to store data in the cloud. You can use it for personal purposes, but it’s also great for work. You can easily share selected files and folders and edit files on multiple devices simultaneously.

It is essential to secure all documents in Drive and scan all shared files.

Is Google Drive private? Yes, Google does not use Drive data for ad personalization. Only the cloud owner has access to the files (until they choose to share them).

Google Drive is not just a cloud for storing data, and there are other cloud applications that Google Drive can integrate with:




Documents, Documents, Documents, Forms, Documents.

This makes it easy to collaborate with others in real-time on the same file.

How does Google Drive work?

Google Drive works on all popular platforms. You can install it on smartphones and tablets available from Atlantek Computers online shop. You can also download the app for Android and iOS devices.

If you mainly use Drive when you’re on your computer, you have two options. First, many people find it more convenient to install Google Drive on their computers. This is perfect if you frequently need to access your files in the cloud. If you only use Drive occasionally, you can open it in your web browser.

Google Drive offers a lot to explore. Naturally, it largely depends on how you use it. Those who need Google Cloud for their work will be more interested in the advanced options than those who need to store photos. However, some basic features will be helpful for everyone.

Document creation

With Google Virtual Drive, you can easily create documents that you can share and edit from any device. The editing tool is perfect, has all the basic features, and allows you to work freely with text files. It is similar to regular text editors, but it has an auto-save function, unlike them. So in case of an accident, your work will not be lost.

Spreadsheets are no worse than traditional Excel files, at least on a fundamental level. You can also access presentations and forms, all from disk.

Save photos to the cloud.

Modern smartphones are increasingly abandoning SSD slots in favor of cloud storage. Automatically uploading photos from your phone to Google Drive is one of the most valuable features, but it must be activated manually.

Backup and sync

You can store photos in Drive, but you can also back them up to your phone and computer. Automatic syncing is an equally helpful feature. This allows you to collect files in one place that you can access from different devices. Here, files can be automatically synced from selected folders and devices on your computer and individual locations on your phone (settings, call history, apps).

File sharing

An important feature of Google Drive is easily sharing files stored in the cloud. Right-click on a document or photo and select Share. Depending on the permissions you want to give the person you’re sharing the file/folder with, you can:

Let them see only the document,

Give them a reason,

Grant them editing rights.

Permissions for shared files in Google Drive

Pros and cons of cloud storage

There is no perfect cloud. Each device has pros and cons that determine the choice of business solution. The same is true for Google Drive. The cloud that users prefer the most (or at least Google suggests it) has many advantages, but it is not without disadvantages.


Intuitive and easy to use interface,

Includes cloud-based collaboration apps (documents, spreadsheets, presentations) that can be an alternative to Office,

15 GB of free space.

File sharing is effortless.

Easily control privacy by setting the file access interval.


If 15 GB of disk space is not enough for you, you will have to wait to buy the paid plan. Some clouds offer more storage space for free.

If you lose access to your Google Account, you also lose access to the related cloud service.

If you store important data in Drive and someone gets the password to your Google account, they will automatically have access to the cloud service.

How secure is Google Drive?

Internet users, and not only users of the tools offered by Google, have raised questions about security issues. For example, is the cloud a secure solution, and will the file stay there as long as we need it? Can the contents of the disk be seen without our permission?

The cloud is a very safe place to store data. We prefer to emphasize the word “very” because many depend on us. Google is the market leader, so there is little risk of Google Drive disappearing completely, and you losing all your files. If we are sensible about granting rights, we don’t have to worry about unwanted people snooping around in our private resources. Finally, there is a problem directly related to Google Drive. If your account password is weak and easy to crack, you are vulnerable to a possible attack. A well-secured account is also a well-secured cloud.

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