Audacity Capital – A Funded Trader Review


Audacity Capital is a UK-based prop firm that provides funded accounts to profitable traders. It offers a variety of account sizes, from $15,000 to $480,000.

The company also offers training packages designed for upcoming talent. These include the proprietary Ability Challenge and Hidden Talents programs.

Getting Started with Audacity Capital

Getting started with Audacity Capital is easy and fast. Within 24 hours, they will confirm you are eligible for funding and send over all the account details.

They also have a trading floor in London, so it’s a great way to get in-person support and training from expert traders. That means they can help you achieve better results and build your career as a trader.

In addition, Audacity Capital offers a funded trader program that doubles your trading capital every time you reach a 10% profit target. It’s an excellent opportunity for talented Forex traders who want to grow their profits.

To get funded, you must pass the ability challenge, which involves two phases; an application and an interview. Once you’ve completed this, you can receive your Audacity Capital account upon payment of a joining fee.

Account Types

Audacity Capital is a well-established prop trading firm that offers funded accounts to traders in 140+ countries. This company’s funding program is unique in enabling investors to trade with a 50/50 profit split.

Audacity offers two different account types, namely the Ability Challenge and the Funded Trader Program. The Ability Challenge is a two-step evaluation process (challenge and verification) that is more suitable for beginner traders. In contrast, the Funded Trader Program is designed for experienced traders with a high level of proficiency.

Both funding programs have realistic trading objectives with minimal limitations for traders. They also provide straightforward rules, making them easy to understand and adhere to.


Audacity Capital offers two funding programs. The first is their hidden talents program.

This program offers a starter account that doubles in size depending on how fast you achieve your profit target. It also has a 50-50 profit split shared every time you hit your mark.

It’s important to note that traders are only eligible for payouts when they have reached their goal of generating 10% profit. This can take a long time for traders who are just starting.

If you’re interested in getting funded with Audacity Capital, the best way to get started is by completing their ability challenge. This is a two-step evaluation process that’s ideal for traders who want to show off their trading skills and strategies.

Trading Platforms

Audacity Capital offers a variety of trading platforms for its traders to trade on. They also offer no commission charges to open positions and provide comprehensive educational resources.

Their funded trader program doubles the size of your account every time you hit a 10% profit target. This is a great way to grow your trading capital quickly and earn profits from the start.

The funding process is simple. Traders must pass a two-phase challenge to get approved for their program.

The platform fees are low and include a one-off joining fee of PS199 and a monthly payment of PS99. The prices increase depending on the account size.

Customer Support

Audacity Capital offers traders a comprehensive range of customer support options. You can contact them through e-mail, phone, and online chat. They also provide a FAQ section on their website.

The company offers a fast scaling plan, which allows investors to double their capital amount each time they meet pre-defined criteria. They have six account tiers, ranging from $15,000 to $480,000 in trading value.

Traders can choose from three assessment pathways; the Funded Trader Program, Ability Challenge, or both. Each requires a one-time fee and a monthly platform fee.

The Funded Trader Program involves a three-phase assessment process that consists of an application and an interview. Once completed, you’ll be awarded a funded account. It’s a simple process ideal for experienced traders who lack the capital to make large profits.