Boot Camp Digital Reviews


If you’re interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing, you’re probably wondering if boot camps are for you. Thankfully, there are several great options for aspiring entrepreneurs and those looking for a change. You can find many options on the web, from Kellogg Executive Education to Jelly Academy and UC Davis to Thinkful. Read on for some of our top recommendations.

Jelly Academy

You might want to check out the Jelly Academy Boot Camp to learn about online marketing and social media. This course is exclusively online and has a six-week duration. It will teach you all the essentials of marketing and prepare you for a full-fledged career in digital marketing. In addition to teaching you all the fundamentals of marketing, this course will also give you the tools and techniques you need to land a job.

Jelly Academy is an Indigenous-owned and operated online digital marketing Bootcamp. Classes are held over three-hour Zoom sessions. Students may attend up to 22 hours of virtual class time per week. In addition to a 6-week certificate program, students can attend workshops, association mentorship training, and events at the academy. The training center is located in Fort Langley, BC. The academy offers a variety of courses and workshops that will help you advance your career.

UC Davis

If you’re new to digital marketing and web development or are considering a career change, you might be curious to learn about UC Davis Boot Camps. These programs are aimed at those with no previous experience. If you’re looking to start your digital marketing career based in California, UC Davis is an excellent option. In addition to hands-on coursework, students will build their portfolios and develop their own business websites. Unlike other training programs, UC Davis Boot Camps require a full-time commitment, but the quality of instructors can make or break your enrollment.

The courses taught at UC Davis Coding Bootcamp are designed to teach students the skills needed for a full-stack web developer. Students can expect to learn everything from HTML and CSS to full-stack JavaScript and various frameworks. Additionally, UC Davis Coding Bootcamp graduates have access to continuing courses to learn other programming languages. For example, students can choose to learn Python, C#, Java, Amazon Web Services, and more.

UC Davis Coding Bootcamp has a reputation for high-quality instruction and has received positive student reviews on school review websites. Students rated their job placement, subject matter, and the difficulty of the courses. One reviewer said she felt attending the UC Davis Coding Bootcamp was the best decision she’d ever made. Other students praised the tutoring services, career assistance, and support from the faculty. They also gave high marks to the course staff and the instructors.

UC Davis also offers part-time virtual coding courses. These classes are run by Trilogy Education Services, a brand of 2U Inc., and typically last 24 weeks. Students attend synchronous online sessions for 10 hours a week. This way, they can complete their coursework and graduate within six months. In addition, they can also take a break from full-time studies. Experts teach the program with more than three years of professional experience. Students can pursue a degree without sacrificing work or family life.

While UC Davis Data Analytics Bootcamp is focused on teaching data analytics, it also offers courses in programming languages. Students learn how to manipulate data to create user-friendly visualizations. Moreover, students learn how to use industry-standard data in various projects. They will also develop their problem-solving skills and learn how to use developer tools. In short, UC Davis is a great place to learn to use data analytics.

Kellogg Executive Education

After completing the Kellogg Executive Education Boot Camp, participants will be granted a digital certificate of completion. The course covers nine key content areas. The instructor is Tarah Ross, who has over 19 years of experience in business development, marketing, event planning, community work, and public relations. Participants will also be evaluated on their skills in these nine areas. If the program meets your needs, you can receive a deferred payment plan to pay for the course.


Thinking of taking a course online? Thinkful’s online boot camp has many benefits, including flexible class schedules and one-on-one learning with instructors. Although the course material is available on the Thinkful website, it is a good idea to attend one of their community hubs in a major U.S. city to meet other students and industry professionals. Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill or upgrade your existing one, the Thinkful courses are the right choice.

Students at Thinkful are exposed to industry-led curricula and can ask their technical coaches questions in real-time. The online community is also a great resource for furthering one’s coding knowledge. The Thinkful curriculum also comes with many career services and workshops that can be invaluable for navigating the tech industry. There are no doubts about the quality of the curriculum, but many issues also need to be addressed before enrolling.

Getting into the Thinkful Bootcamp isn’t difficult. The admissions process is simple and fast; students can sign up for free study support before paying for the full course. Applicants must have a high school diploma or be willing to complete prerequisite courses. After completing the online application, students are paired with a mentor who will review their course work and give guidance as they navigate the job market.

Although the tuition for a course at Thinkful is higher than for some of its competitors, students receive several other benefits. Thinkful provides job placement guarantees and tuition reimbursement for those who have not found a suitable job. The reviews on Thinkful have helped students determine whether or not the program is worth pursuing. Furthermore, the mentors at Thinkful provide valuable feedback on student progress and experience. You can ask questions, but it is important to know the basics of the program to make an informed decision.

The course curriculum is highly structured, and it’s easy to navigate. The Thinkful site allows you to browse curriculum and submit an email. You should also clearly know what you want to learn and whether you’re willing to put in the time to finish a full-time workload. The Thinkful Online Bootcamp is one of the best learning platforms on the internet. A small number of courses are available to suit different levels of need.