Budget Direct Insurance Review


Budget Direct is a Singapore-based insurer with an award-winning reputation. It is currently inviting motorists and motorcyclists to apply for an insurance quote. It also has an incentive whereby motorists and motorcyclists can receive $188 if they can’t beat the renewal offer they are currently getting. This insurance company offers coverage for travel, car, and motorcycles.

Budget Direct pays for personal effects in the event of a collision.

Budget Direct’s car insurance offers comprehensive cover for third-party property damage, legal liability, and personal effects in the event of a collision. It also covers accidental damage to your car, caravan, and trailer. The company also extends its coverage to other licensed drivers with your consent and any passengers in your vehicle. If you insure your car for business purposes, you can include your employer, principal, or business partner.

Budget Direct will also pay for emergency transport and temporary accommodation. If you cannot drive your car for more than a few days, the company will pay for temporary lodging and the cost of purchasing a new one. Budget Direct will also pay for your new vehicle’s first 12 months of registration. It will also pay for the first 12 months of compulsory third-party insurance.

Budget Direct pays for transport and accommodation.

Budget Direct Insurance offers travel insurance for people from all over the world. This insurance covers transport and accommodation expenses for those stranded due to accidents or illness. It also pays for damage to other people’s property. The company also provides a comprehensive car insurance policy covering various situations. This policy also covers damage to a trailer you tow with your vehicle. However, you must note that the policy has many exclusions, conditions, and limits. You can read the product disclosure statement for details if you need to know what each type of coverage covers.

Budget Direct pays for third-party property

Budget Direct Insurance pays for third-party property damage and third-party death, as well as car loss, theft and windscreen repair. It also offers a low excess for named young and inexperienced drivers. This can be a great benefit for parents who share a car and want to keep costs to a minimum.

The policy will also pay for emergency transport and temporary accommodation if required. It will also pay for your new vehicle’s first 12 months of registration. It will also cover the cost of compulsory third-party insurance. For drivers, this can be a lifeline in case of car theft. Budget Direct also pays for your personal effects if they are in your car at the time of a collision.

Budget Direct offers a range of policies and excellent value for money. The company has over three million policies worldwide. They also offer standalone roadside assistance. If you are unhappy with your car insurance policy, you can easily cancel it by calling their customer service line on 1300 306 560. No cancellation fee is charged if you have not made a claim. You can also refuse to renew your policy without paying the premiums in full.

Budget Direct offers roadside assistance.

The Budget Direct Insurance roadside assistance service has an extensive national network of roadside assistance vehicles. Whether you need your car towed or experiencing a mechanical breakdown, they’re there for you. The staff will first try to fix the problem and then arrange for a tow service.

The roadside assistance service is one of Budget Direct’s many benefits. For a small fee of less than $1 a week, it covers you for emergencies that might occur while on the road. Budget Direct’s roadside assistance program has a wide range of coverage plans and is one of the best-valued policies on the market.

Budget Direct Insurance offers roadside assistance in both the UK and overseas. The insurance covers expenses such as towing, repair, and transport. It also offers up to S$1,000 per accident and S$200 per person. The policy also includes free storage for up to 72 hours once you’ve been towed.