Corel Draw – Take Your Graphics to the Next Level


Whether you’re a professional graphic artist, or just want to take your artwork to the next level, you’ll find that Corel Draw offers you the tools you need to create the look you want. Corel Draw is available for Windows and Mac and has several features, including Photo-paint, CorelMOVE, and CorelSHOW.


Usually packaged with CorelDraw, Corel PHOTO-PAINT is a powerful photo editing software that includes various tools and effects. Corel PHOTO-PAINT constantly receives new enhancements and innovations based on AI technology. You can apply special effects, edit photos, and even add text. This tool is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to take their artwork to the next level.

Corel Photo-Paint features a layered image editing system. You can add effects, color models, fill tools, and more. The interface is more user-friendly than competitors. It is customizable with UI widgets that can be rearranged or moved. You can also adjust the size of buttons and dialogs.

One of the features of Corel Photo-Paint is Smart Blur. This is a Gaussian blur effect that retains sharpness along the edges of your photos.


Whether an experienced designer or a newcomer, CorelDRAW offers powerful vector tools to help you create and edit your graphics. CorelDraw includes various prepress and pre-flighting tools to help you produce accurate technical documents and high-impact technical illustrations. You’ll also find examples of photo editing, typography, and layout tools.

CorelDraw features a color management engine to help you produce the best possible results with minimal expense. You can also save your work as PDF or PowerPoint files and print it. This lets you showcase your appointment online or through a third-party application.

CorelDraw also has an innovative new tool called LiveSketch, based on the latest developments in machine learning. For example, it uses AI to convert free-form sketches into precise vector curves.


Whether you are an amateur or a professional, Corel Draw MOVE is an easy-to-use graphics software program. Its easy-to-navigate user interface makes it a breeze to start creating your 2D or 3D art. It can even be used as photo editing software to produce beautiful images.

The program offers hundreds of shortcuts. For example, a Property Bar toolbar features buttons for nudge offset, same distance, and page setup. It also supports custom palettes, fonts, and macros.

The program also supports custom drop shadows. You can also crop and split images. You can also remove objects from your pictures. You can also align objects by both vertical and horizontal axis. You can even change the object size.

Lacks a bar code inserting feature

Despite being a decade old, CorelDRAW is still one of the best tools. It’s got a rich feature set, including various filter effects, icon resizing, etc. Plus, it’s available for both Mac and Windows. CorelDRAW also boasts a slick online digital library of vectors, fonts, and images.

It’s also a pretty good multimedia platform with features including Flash animation, QuickTime video, and Windows Media video. CorelDraw isn’t without its flaws, though. For example, it lacks a bar code inserting feature, so you’ll have to do the magic manually. On the upside, CorelDraw is easier to use than Adobe Photoshop. Moreover, it’s the only market program supporting bitmap design and editing. You can even edit and save files in CDR or PSD formats.

Compatibility with Windows & Mac

Corel Draw is a powerful vector graphics solution whether you are a professional illustrator or a hobbyist. It features powerful drawing tools, various drawing tools, and a wide range of tools for page layout and sketching. It is also compatible with many other applications.

CorelDRAW is a vector graphics editor that features an interface that is easy to use and offers plenty of customization options. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS and supports Apple’s Touch Bar on MacBook Pro models. In addition to vector drawing tools, CorelDRAW has a LiveSketch feature that makes vector-based sketching possible.

In addition to the desktop application, CorelDRAW has a mobile app for iOS and Android. The mobile app provides basic annotation, DWG 2D and 3D viewing, and file-sharing capabilities.