Dasher Direct Debit Card Review


Dasher Direct offers a variety of features, from 2% cash back on gas purchases to a secure mobile banking app. The card is also free to open and has no annual fee. However, it does have a 3% foreign transaction fee. After 12 months of inactivity, Dasher Direct will start to charge $2.50. To use the Dasher Direct card, click “Move Money” and select “Send Money to Someone.” Then, you can enter your bank account details.

2% cash back on gas purchases

The DasherDirect card gives you 2% cash back on gas purchases. However, you can earn an 8% per gallon bonus if you use the card every time you make a gas purchase. This bonus is available from March 17 until April 30, 2022. The card is provided by PayFare and acts like an individual bank account. Once you complete your dash, Doordash will send the payment to your card.

Besides being able to use the card for traditional debit card purchases, the DasherDirect card can also be used to withdraw cash at the AllPoint network’s no-fee ATMs. It also has an app that lets you check your balance, transfer money, and find no-fee ATMs. In addition, there are no minimum balance requirements.

The DasherDirect card is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an alternative to the traditional credit card. Its 2% cash back on gas purchases is a great way to save money on your daily commutes. DoorDash drivers report an average saving of $0.42 per gallon, a decent amount considering the rising fuel cost. The DoorDash gas rewards program is available to anyone who uses DoorDash, but the benefits are not the same as those offered by other credit cards.

Free cash deposit

DasherDirect is a prepaid debit card that offers a cash-back program for purchases made at gas stations. The company offers up to 2% cash back at filling stations and a mobile app that you can use to track your earnings. The cash-back program can save you money on gas for frequent travellers.

The service is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. Customers can download the app from relevant sites to get started. It’s also available for computer users. DasherDirect also offers cash back rewards for online banking. In addition, users can quickly deposit money from their Dasher Direct cards into their bank accounts.

The DasherDirect app lets you deposit money and view participating merchants. However, there are limits to how much you can deposit. You can deposit up to $1,500 daily or $3,000 monthly, but you cannot withdraw more than three hundred dollars. Withdrawals are not free and will cost between $3.95 and $4.95. However, you can withdraw money from your DasherDirect account and use it for other purposes.

Secure mobile banking app

Dasherdirect is a mobile banking app that allows you to make deposits and withdrawals at any ATM. However, there are a few limitations to the app. One limitation is that you can only deposit up to $1,500 daily, while you can make withdrawals of up to $3000 daily. The app also only allows you to make ten deposits of up to $1,500 per day.

The DasherDirect app can be downloaded to iOS, Android, or PC devices. The app requires a DasherDirect account to access and use. Once you have an account with DasherDirect, you can use the app to make transfers. The DasherDirect app also offers cash back rewards on gas purchases.

Transferring money from your DasherDirect account to another bank account is easy. The process usually takes a few minutes. The funds should be in the other account within one to two business days. You can also send money to a friend or relative. The app is free, but there are some restrictions. For example, you can only transfer a maximum of $2000 per day, and you can’t transfer more than $5000 per month.

Transfer fee

The Dasher Direct card has many benefits, including no fee to add cash. However, the card is not without its flaws. Most notably, the service crashes frequently, which can cause problems for both the user and DoorDash workers. In addition, the card can only be used to pay for your orders when picking up your food at the restaurant.

When applying for a DasherDirect card, ensure you know the minimum and maximum payout amounts. You may also want to find out how long the process takes. Some providers require up to three business days before approving your application, so be patient. Upon approval, your card will be mailed within ten days.

After successful registration, you’ll be asked to enter a valid bank account number. You’ll then need to enter the bank account number associated with the Dasher Direct card. This is important because it will affect your ability to make withdrawals from your bank account. If your bank doesn’t accept Dasher Direct, you may have to use another bank to withdraw your funds.