Duluth Trading Company Review


Duluth Trading Co specializes in workwear, casual apparel, and outdoor gear sales. Their humorous advertising often attracts customers by featuring images such as armpit gussets or thicker pique cotton material in their ads.

Brand’s reputation as an arrogant tradesman could become a liability as they expand. It could alienate female shoppers who expect a certain level of inclusion from brands they shop with.

Founded in 1989

Duluth Trading Company specializes in workwear, outdoor gear, and tools that are tough, versatile, and durable. They aim to enable hard-working individuals to do more with their hands than sit behind a desk all day; products have been rigorously tested before a no-bull guarantee was offered on them; additionally, they’re known for their cheeky advertising campaigns and kitschy marketing materials! Plus, they provide their employees with an outstanding benefits package!

According to Indeed’s Work Happiness Survey, both current and former employees of Duluth Trading Company reported high levels of job satisfaction and happiness at having coworkers who recognize them for who they are as individuals. They felt supported in having people around who appreciate who they are as an individual. Yet there could still be room for improvement about diversity and inclusion initiatives at this company.

Since 1989, the company has focused on serving a niche market and has grown rapidly. They now operate a chain of stores throughout the United States with locations in New Jersey and Wisconsin; their products are also manufactured here. Their humorous storytelling ads have garnered many customers over time.

Though REI and Columbia have made strides toward including more women shoppers in their activewear lines, REI remains challenging to break into the mainstream activewear market. Their image as caters more toward men working outdoors may alienate female customers altogether. Yet despite these obstacles, the company has shown strong growth over the years, with 15 new stores opening last year and planning 15 more this year, plus expanding catalog sales and online shopping options.

Located in Duluth, MN

Duluth Trading Company offers innovative workwear that solves problems for hardworking men and women. Well-known for its humorous advertising campaigns (such as “Plumber’s Crack,” Ballroom Khakis, and Buck Naked underwear), this retailer provides rugged outdoor clothing, tools and gadgets designed to equip people for an active lifestyle – these products have been put through rigorous field tests by construction workers, dock hands, cycle riders, and other hard workers – including plumbers crack, ballroom khakis & underwear; Ballroom Khakis and Buck Naked underwear are just some of the items offered here by this retailer!

Duluth Trading Company provides outstanding customer service, quickly shipping items online orders. Most orders can be processed in just 3-5 days with free local shipping and an easy return policy in place.

Duluth Trading Company was established in 1989, offering innovative workwear that solves hardworking men and women’s daily difficulties and makes life simpler. Now boasting over 65 physical stores as well as an expansive online presence, its products are designed and tested by a team of tradesmen as well as tough Duluth Girls before going through rigorous quality controls before coming with its no-bull guarantee policy.

While this company doesn’t offer comprehensive workwear for every occupation, they do provide an assortment of gear suitable for many individuals. For instance, their shirts can make hiking much more comfortable while remaining durable and reliable while on the job site. In addition, there’s plenty of apparel options to choose from too – ideal for hikers.

Clothing offered by this company comes in multiple sizes ranging from 3X to 24W, and recently, more women sizes were added for women to ensure gender equality – an essential factor when considering quality workwear.

Made in the U.S.A.

Duluth Trading Co is a rugged and durable workwear brand made in America that features difficult products with lifetime guarantees and tastefully debossed logos on debossed leather belts and waterproof hardware in waterproof hardware belts. Additionally, their shoes use premium canvas material with lifetime warranties offered to women’s shoes.

This company is known for their entertaining advertising campaigns, yet their commitment to producing durable products remains serious. Their ads often depict hardworking Americans like construction workers, dock hands and cycle riders field testing their products before the company stands behind its quality with an unconditional no-bull guarantee.

Duluth Trading’s outdoor gear offerings span the gamut from tools, adirondack chairs and fire hoses. Recently they opened an expansive distribution and fulfillment facility in Adairsville, Georgia, that will employ over 300 people – Governor Brian Kemp said this facility will help Duluth expand their presence across Georgia while creating jobs.

Duluth Trading has long been recognized for providing innovative casual wear, workwear and accessory solutions since 1989. Based in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin – with 65 retail locations including one in Kennesaw GA – Duluth Trading’s humorous marketing tactics and problem-solving workwear are popular choices among customers looking for tough yet durable products; also with their lifetime guarantee offering many customers have found them their go-to source.

Designed by tradesmen

Duluth Trading Company knows how to create workwear that stands out from the pack – and their longtime catalog retailer excels at it! Their best-selling items include Ballroom Jeans, Buck Naked underwear and Longtail T shirts, which make a bold statement about modern office life in Minnesota and are built to stand up to harsh winters and scorching summers alike.

Mount Horeb will become home for this company’s new store when it opens in 2022, joining forces with the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County to support youth learning trades careers and donate nearly $700,000. Since 2020 alone, they have given almost $1.4 Million in charitable donations.

WMTV reports that Duluth Trading Company store will open soon in a large retail strip featuring PetSmart, Fodor’s Billiards and Dick’s Sporting Goods stores – this location being their farthest west location out of 25 stores owned by them. Customers will have an opportunity to see products being used before buying; customers will also have an opportunity to try on clothing and accessories before making a decision about purchasing anything.

Duluth Trading Company provides hardworking individuals with quality apparel, such as fire hose work pants and classic flannel shirts backed by their lifetime guarantee. As well, this trusted brand for outdoor gear.

Duluth Trading Co has been in business for more than 30 years as a family-run venture. Their products are designed primarily by tradesmen, with employees in this field. Made here in America, these shirts, socks, underwear, and other gear can also be found used across construction and law enforcement applications.

No Bull Guarantee

Duluth Trading Company has defied expectations during the retail apocalypse of mid-2010s by surpassing its goals and opening several new stores. Today, this retailer boasts 31 locations throughout the US and is expanding into New York Metropolitan area. DTC products can also be found online and through catalog sales; known for quality durability products with cheeky marketing campaigns that resonate with their primarily male customer base.

Duluth Trading Company has become famous for their fun billboards and commercials featuring humorous instructions for fixing a plumber’s butt and an amusing cartoon guy pole dancing to polka music. Duluth’s products like Longtail sleeveless T-shirts and Buck Naked underwear, are constructed of long-wearing materials designed for outdoor adventures; its headquarters can be found in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, while it sells its goods nationwide.

Duluth Trading CEO Sam Sato recently discussed its growth plans and addressed some key challenges the business faces, in an interview with ICR. Sato noted that while their focus lies in fulfilling their “No Bull Guarantee,” they must also remain mindful of costs related to running their operations; also noting they are investing heavily into tech and logistics upgrades in order to stay competitive over the long term.

This company is expanding rapidly and will open a store at the Mall of America this fall. Additionally, recently announced distribution center expansion plans in Arizona and Minnesota should help boost revenue and profits; additionally they plan on increasing advertising budgets to promote their new locations while recruiting employees as well.