Forex VPS Comparison


The first step in forex VPS comparison is to determine what you need. Using a VPS will improve your trading performance by eliminating latency, which can lead to negative slippage. A VPS will also increase speed, increasing the chance of a broker executing your order at the price you asked for.

NYC Servers

A Forex VPS is a powerful way to host your trading software on a single server. Unlike a regular shared web hosting service, you won’t have to share a server with anyone else. In addition, most Forex VPS providers will back up your trading configuration daily. This ensures that your trades aren’t lost when a server goes offline.

A good Forex VPS provider will have a 100% uptime guarantee. Their servers are located in various data centers, including NYC, Amsterdam, London, and Montreal. They use fast-paced SSD storage and provide 24/7 technical support via email, live chat, and phone. Additionally, they offer free installation and DDoS protection to all users.

Forex VPS providers offer a variety of plans, each of which has pros and cons. For instance, a Forex VPS from Pepperstone has an industry-leading network of 60+ currency pairs. It also offers a variety of popular trading platforms. Pepperstone reports that 74% of retail investor accounts lose money on CFDs and spread bets with them.

As with any financial service, a Forex VPS provider must offer high uptime. A down server can negatively impact your trading performance, making it more challenging to make money. Therefore, a good provider should offer a high uptime guarantee and compensation for downtime. Moreover, they should have excellent security features.

Another feature to look for in a Forex VPS provider is located. Finding a VPS provider that offers data centers in a location close to your trading company is essential. Having a VPS server close to your brokerage network will help your trading experience and minimize slippage. In addition, the closer the server is to your trading location, the faster your connection speed will be.

A VPS is an excellent investment for traders. A Forex VPS will provide uninterrupted access to the Internet, meaning interruptions won’t limit your trading. In addition, VPSs are faster than PC servers, and many VPS providers offer additional features to their customers.


FXVM offers a variety of VPS packages for traders, each offering its own set of features. The company offers data centers in 9 countries and supports MetaTrader 4/5, NinjaTrader, and Expert Advisors. It also offers mobile apps for Windows, Android, and iOS. Pricing plans start at $19 per month for 1.5GB of RAM and 40GB of SSD storage. In addition, all plans come with 24/7 support and a 100% uptime guarantee.

FXVM’s servers are located in eight data centers worldwide, including three in Asia and a fourth soon to be built in Africa. The company’s pricing is competitive and includes unlimited EAs. It also offers a one-click installation of more than 400 applications.

Traders need a VPS that is available twenty-four hours a day. This is vital because the forex market never sleeps, and frequent downtimes can result in a loss of trade. In addition to high uptimes, forex VPS services must also offer stable connections and reliable maintenance. Additionally, hackers are continually trying to gain access to traders’ accounts, so it is essential to pick a VPS provider that completely protects your information.

The FXVM platform also offers blazing-fast SSD and isolated Windows Server 2008 r2 and 2012. Forex VPS servers are equipped with 1Gbps network interfaces and power backup, making them ideal for ensuring maximum performance. Customers can start trading on their forex VPS in as little as five minutes. The service includes unlimited access to web browsers, web-based applications, and trading platforms.

Forex VPS providers often offer their clients the option to choose the operating system of their servers. This will influence the types of trading platforms available on the VPS. For example, NinjaTrader runs only on Windows, so choosing a Windows VPS server is impessentialome providers also have preinstalled MetaTrader platforms.

Another factor to consider when evaluating Forex VPS providers is the servers’ location. The closer your VPS server is to your broker’s network, the faster your connections will be. This will improve trade executions and decrease slippage. Most providers have multiple data centers around the world. While New York and London are the most popular locations, some provide data centers in other locations.