GE JVM3160 Reviews


If you are in the market for a new gas stove, consider the GE JVM3160RFSS. Although this model is not as advanced as some of the top premium models, it is still a good option for the average cook. It lacks sensor cooking but makes up for it with several great quick-cook features. Although it is not as powerful as the more expensive models, it offers the same airflow and wattage.

GE JVM3160RFSS has a limited number of presets

Compared to other microwave ovens, the GE JVM3160RFSS has a small number of presets. However, it offers a variety of quick-cook options. Moreover, it comes with a charcoal filter that helps eliminate cooking odors. This is especially helpful when cooking fish.

The GE JVM3160RFSS features a 1,000-watt power and comes with 12 convection presets. It also has eight sensor cook settings, an auto-start button, and a built-in exhaust system for steam removal. Despite the small number of presets, the GE JVM3160RFSS offers reliability and performance. The oven has 1.6 cubic feet of cooking space, a turntable, several cooking presets, and an auto exhaust fan.

It lacks sensor cooking.

Although the Ge JVM3160RFSS lacks sensor cooking, it has several nice features. It has fewer presets than many competitors but an impressive array of quick-cook options. The unit also comes with more colors than the competition and is roughly equal in fan noise. Another plus: it’s one of the few models still available with a Bisque finish. The GE JVM7195 is a slightly larger model with similar features and wattage. But if you prefer a white cooktop, there’s the Frigidaire FFMV1645T.

One of the main reasons why the Ge JVM3160 lacks sensor cooking is that it’s very old. Its cooking sensors are outdated, so it is not recommended for people who cook a large amount of food. It’s also prone to breakage. Another downside is that the GE JVM3160 doesn’t have a timer.

It is quiet

The GE JVM3160 is a quiet microwave that offers basic features. Its layout is similar to most GE microwaves, though the JVM3160 doesn’t have sensors. It also has few presets but more color choices than the other models. Its wattage and airflow are comparable to those of premium brands.

It has a limited number of presets

The GE JVM3160RFSS is a great over-the-range microwave oven with 1.6 cu ft of capacity and 1,000 Watts of cooking power. It can easily accommodate large families and is equipped with a charcoal filter that helps prevent foul odors, especially when cooking fish.

It is large

The GE JVM3160 is a large countertop microwave oven with many features. It comes with a color-matched door and handles. It also has sensor controls and an over-the-range design. The GE JVM3160 is not the best microwave oven on the market, but it does offer good performance. Its size and power make it an attractive option for many home cooks.