How Harvard Business Review Used Customer Stories to Build a Competitive Advantage


The story of Stories Brand demonstrates how a learning organization can build a competitive advantage. Stories Brand has a strong training program and measures success by employee retention, in-house promotion, loyalty, and lack of conflict. In addition, the company’s employees are engaged in customer engagement, loyalty to the brand, and new venture initiation. The results are evident in the stories Brand case study, which explains why customers stay with their combo offer and continue purchasing from the brand.

It has invested in analytics and machine learning to build a competitive advantage.

The latest study from Harvard Business Review shows that companies have poured over $160 billion into data analytics, allowing them to improve marketing campaigns and identify new customer segments. These efforts are complemented by the growth of startups that use analytics to improve customer experiences. For instance, Starbucks, which has a $150 billion valuation, has partnered with a location-analytics firm to determine the best locations for new stores. Another company, Amazon, uses data analytics to recommend products based on user behavior.

It has invested in customer stories to build a competitive advantage.

If you’re looking to create a competitive advantage, customer stories can help you do that. They’re essential for building a brand’s culture, fostering a community, and generating customer loyalty. In addition to these benefits, customer stories can lead to increased sales. Read on to find out how Harvard Business Review has invested in customer stories to build a competitive advantage.