How to Burn Cred Coins


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CRED’s app enables users to convert their earned coins into real cash by using its Burn option. This cashback gets directly linked back onto their credit card as actual funds in their bank accounts.

How to burn Cred Coins on Myntra

Have you seen those TV ads featuring a credit card payment platform offering cashbacks and rewards when paying your bills with them? While it might sound impossible, Cred is actually a fast-growing startup making huge profits every month from offering this excellent incentive – not only can users earn huge cashback, but they’re also encouraged to pay bills on time by offering incentives as incentives!

Cred app stands out with its ability to quickly turn reward coins into real cash that gets directly deposited into your bank account through its unique “Burn Coins” feature, which automatically transfers any cashback amount you’ve accumulated at a 1:1 ratio into your bank account. Furthermore, rewards can also be used to redeem vouchers from online shopping platforms such as Flipkart and Myntra.

Myntra Mystery Banner offers another way for users to earn and burn Cred coins: discounts ranging from 15%-100% off of purchases on Myntra’s website. In order to access these discounts, a minimum of 1000 Cred coins must be burned by visiting the club section and selecting Myntra Mystery Banner; offers can vary.

Refer your friends to the platform to earn rewards as you grow your network, earning rewards with each referral made. At present, the platform is only available in India, but with up to Rs 10,000 rated annually, it could easily cover your annual credit card bill! In addition, rental payment support and interest-free credit lines for invoices exceeding regular repayment are offered, too.

How to burn Cred Coins on Paytm

Cred is a credit card payment platform offering its users cashbacks and rewards on payments made. With its large base of users across India and growing presence worldwide, Cred offers frequent promotions that give users cashback and rewards on every payment made – in addition to providing referral rewards that help you make extra income.

To utilize Cred coins, first, open the app and navigate to “My Rewards.” Next, choose your store of choice, add your credit card information, and click “Add to cart,” which will bring up the checkout page where you can enter your coupon code before clicking ‘Apply Coupon’ – your order will then be processed, and you should receive your reward within days!

CRED is an innovative credit card bill payment and rewards app in India that allows its users to enjoy exclusive rewards by paying their credit cards through it. Alongside offering various tips, CRED also lets its users convert in-app credits into cash through its ‘burn’ feature – helping reduce payment dues while maintaining credit health.

How to Burn Cred Coins in the Cred App

Burning Cred coins is straightforward in the Cred app. Log into your account and visit the Rewards section – here, you can view both your current cashback total as well as available coins based on total lifetime earned coins and total claimed (excluding reserved or expired coins ).

To burn Cred coins, select the amount of credit card bill payments you wish to cancel and click the ‘Burn’ button. Any coins burned will be added back as cashback to your bill payment dues for your next statement cycle – helping you save on payments while increasing the value of credit coins earned! This feature can help maximize savings as well as maximize their earning power!

How to burn Cred Coins on Mobikwik

Cred is a fintech app with numerous perks for its users. These features include accepting credit card payments and offering in-app currency known as Cred Coins as payment, various offers and discounts on products and services, and an innovative lottery system where customers can use Cred Coins to win cashback rewards.

To redeem Cred Coins, log into the CRED app and navigate to its “club” option. Here, you’ll be presented with several online e-commerce websites, such as Flipkart and Amazon, from which you can select before beginning shopping using Cred Coins as well as vouchers, which may give an additional discount on purchases made with them.

Cred Coins are an accessible digital currency that can be utilized in numerous ways. Redeem them for cashback that will then be applied directly to a user’s credit card account for online transactions and save money at once! The process only requires three steps: first, make an online purchase with the Cred App to gain Cred Coins; then burn them and turn them into cashback!

Once you’ve claimed your cashback reward, Cred offers the option of “burning” it. This will turn it into actual cash that can be redeemed directly into real currency. The amount you can save depends on how much was paid for a transaction; typically, you can expect up to 2% cashback when paying credit card bills.

Cred’s credit card rewards go beyond cashback and include exclusive offers, discounts on products and services, lottery systems, and exclusive lottery ticket giveaways – all designed to encourage responsible credit card usage while enjoying its associated perks.

Cred plans on expanding its coin benefits in the future to include insurance policies, loan down payments, retail store purchases, and more – further encouraging consumers to make responsible credit card payments and maintain good credit ratings. Whether you are an avid shopper or are just getting started paying bills, Cred’s app can help save you money on skincare, travel, and more!

How to burn Cred Coins on Airtel

Cred coins are a type of reward currency earned when making credit card payments through our app and can be redeemed for cash back rewards or burned to convert them directly to cash. Burning Cred coins requires only three steps!

To burn Cred coins, open the app and navigate to your rewards section. Choose any cashback rewards you want to redeem before clicking “burn,” which will convert credits into real money that can be spent in future transactions.

Airtel is one of the premier telecom providers in India. Offering both mobile broadband and fixed line broadband connections as well as TV and internet packages for their customers. Customers can earn Airtel cred points when making payments via its platform; furthermore, discounts and promotions are often provided as additional perks to users.

Earn Airtel Cred Points easily by paying your credit card bills through the app – each Rs 100 of purchases will earn one credit card point! Alternatively, refer your friends and earn ten cred points per referral!

Earning Airtel Cred points is easy, and the rewards are great! Use them to purchase products on Amazon or Flipkart or redeem them for travel packages – or join for free and earn monthly rewards through this program that are redeemable every month – you could even hit big prizes by participating in its jackpot feature! Note: this app is only available to individuals with credit scores above 750.