How to Deactivate an Ola Account


Ola is one of the leading ride-hailing services, enabling customers to book taxis in over 250+ cities around the globe.

Ola understands your choice to change ride-sharing services or reduce your digital footprint and provides an easy method for account deletion. Before requesting closure, be sure that any outstanding dues have been settled.

How do you deactivate an Ola account?

Ola Cabs is one of the world’s premier cab-booking services, operating in 250 cities worldwide. If you no longer wish to use their service, deleting an account is an easy and painless process that respects both privacy and choice – although any ride history associated with your report will be lost when this step is completed.

Contacting the company via email or phone will enable you to cancel your account, with all personal data removed from their servers shortly after that – but please allow up to several days for this process.

Before deleting your account, be sure that all transactions and payments have been fulfilled and any ride receipts or statement settings backed up – this will ensure there are no remaining financial obligations once your account has been deleted.

Alternately, you can uninstall an application directly from your device by tapping and holding its icon until it starts shaking, then selecting “Uninstall”. For complete removal from an iPhone, go into Settings, then General, before scrolling down until you reach “iPhone Storage.”

Send an email directly to the company in which you wish to delete your account with all relevant details such as name, address, phone number, and email address – then write a brief explanation as to why your account needs deleting – to request its closure, and they should respond within a few days.

How do you deactivate an Ola postpaid account?

If you own an Ola money postpaid account, contacting their customer care department is the simplest way to cancel it. They will ask for your name, phone number, and email address as proof. Alternatively, Uber provides ridesharing apps that are available in over 900 cities and have features similar to Ola Money.

Libertaxi, a free, open-source platform with minimal tracking capabilities that works across iOS, Android, and Mac platforms, allows you to reserve micro, auto, or sedan cars from 250+ locations throughout India – this app accepts payments via credit cards as well as cash.

Ola does not provide an inbuilt option to delete accounts through their app or website, so email their support team in order to request deletion. They’ll review your request and respond within a few days; if there is a pending balance first, payment must be completed, or else bookings may be suspended or blocked.

How do you deactivate the Ola prepaid account?

Ola is a widely popular ride-hailing service that allows users to book taxi rides from their smartphones. Available on iOS, Android, and Mac devices alike, Ola provides various ridesharing services, from carpooling and shared rides similar to Uber to Uber-like carpooling and carpooling options. However, some users may become dissatisfied with Ola and wish to cancel their account; good news! You can easily cancel Ola without losing any ride history!

Removing an Ola account is straightforward and only requires your email address and password to get started. Once logged into either Ola’s website or app, head over to Account Settings > Privacy / Security and search for “Delete Account.” Once located, follow any on-screen instructions to complete your deletion request.

Your Ola Wallet Balance may expire, meaning that it can no longer be used to pay for rides. In these instances, however, booking cancellation can still be done from Track Ride screen in Ola app and SMS and email notifications are sent out as confirmations of such booking cancellations.

If you want to maintain your Ola Wallet balance, one way is by completing an entire KYC process, which usually takes four working days and involves submitting several documents. When finished, your credit will increase up to Rs 1 lakh every month!

An alternative strategy would be to open a separate Ola cab account on another device or phone number; this will prevent accessing old bookings while protecting against potential fraudulent activity.

Ola prepaid accounts can help build your credit, which is crucial when applying for loans and credit cards. But, if the service no longer interests you, closing it might be best.

If your Ola account is being deleted due to receiving newsletters or mail, mark these mailings as spam or opt out of them before taking other actions. Alternatively, contact Ola’s customer support team for help before doing anything drastic, like closing it altogether.

How do you deactivate the Ola credit card account?

Credit cards are essential financial tools, allowing you to make large purchases and manage finances more effectively. But when they’re no longer used for these purposes, closing an account could have severe repercussions for your credit score if done irresponsibly. Before closing, be sure to log into the Ola Money app and select payment settings before swiping left to delete card details from the Ola Money app.

Once your account has been closed, the lending institution will issue you an NOC to confirm that all pending payments have been cleared from your Ola postpaid account and to help rebuild your credit history and increase your chances of getting loans and credit cards in the future.

OlaMoney users will earn rewards/cashbacks whenever they make purchases via Ola’s application or website (minus any returns/refunds or refunds), including fuel transactions. Accrued rewards/cashback will be deposited directly into their OlaMoney wallet balance within 24 hours after their transactions have been settled and will appear as a credit on their OlaMoney wallet balance within 24-48 hours after the settlement of an order has occurred.

OLA UK reserves the right at any time via the Application to block, suspend, or alter booking services and transport services at its discretion in order to make improvements and protect security in relation to either itself or its customers. If any such change causes unease for you as a Customer Terms participant, then these Customer Terms can be terminated pursuant to clause 16.2.