How to Do Free Marketing on Instagram


Instagram marketing is a fantastic way to engage directly with your target consumer base, using images and video to sell products or services. Tips on get instagram followers how to.

An Instagram profile should feature an easily recognizable logo and a short bio that showcases your business.

1. Promote your posts on other social media platforms

Instagram can be an ideal platform to promote your business and products, especially when leveraged with other social media platforms (such as Facebook or Twitter ) for cross-promotion posts from Instagram. Doing this may increase their reach and ultimately generate additional sales opportunities.

Posting product images to Instagram can be an effective marketing strategy, but don’t forget to include a call-to-action in the caption! Encouraging followers to purchase by providing price information or linking directly to eCommerce stores. Furthermore, offering discounts during specific events like Black Friday or Super Bowl makes promotions feel timely and relevant.

Do You Want Engagement on Social Media? Another proven marketing tactic to spur engagement with your target audience is asking them to tag friends in the comments. This strategy can help expand your following and find new customers, especially when running contests or promotional activities.

2. Create a contest

To increase engagement, Instagram contests can be used as an engagement booster. From selfie or photo competitions with performance judging criteria to giveaway contests where random selection is used as the winner selection mechanism – you’re sure to find one that best aligns with your business goals and objectives!

If you have the resources, consider hosting your contest on Gleam. While this adds more work for you, it will allow your content to reach a broader audience while advertising the game through other platforms like Facebook.

Hashtags can help expand your Instagram reach in two ways. First, they make your posts more visible to potential customers in their Explore feeds and search results; secondly, they help grow your following and drive more visitors to your website or store.

3. Run a giveaway

No matter your objectives for using Instagram giveaways – be they to increase followers, build email lists or increase sales – an Instagram giveaway can help. Just ensure that it fits within the goals of your business.

To maximize growth and exposure, giveaway entries must be easy to manage. Engaging participants via “Like and Follow” and “Tag a Friend” increases engagement levels – algorithms may show your post to more potential viewers.

Additional creative entry methods could involve asking followers to answer a question, take a photo or video, design a caption, and post their submission or share your post. Alternatively, use a social media management tool and an online randomizer to select winners – digital cameras brand Canon is one such company that encouraged its customers to tag Canon in their photos that then appear on its Instagram feed – this strategy helped the company see an enormous boost in visibility and credibility from this strategy alone.

4. Use hashtags

Hashtags provide your posts with context and help Instagram distribute them to users interested in that subject. Many people search for content using hashtags; using them can be an excellent way to reach a broad audience.

As long as your hashtags are relevant to your post and business, they shouldn’t become spammy and be ignored by the algorithm. Also, avoid using irrelevant hashtags that won’t add any additional value.

If you own an e-commerce store, adding a link to your website in your bio so customers can easily purchase your products may simplify things for them. Also, consider offering discounts or free shipping codes exclusively to Instagram followers who follow you!

Make the most of Instagram by setting thoughtful goals and adopting an effective strategy. Establishing an audience takes time and dedication. Stay tuned to their responses by monitoring and adapting tactics as necessary. Use all available tools – like Audience Insights on Instagram and third-party analytics tools.

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