How to Fix Door Hinges


If your door is stuck and you don’t have time to call a professional, there are a few DIY methods. The key is measuring the right size and placing the right screws.

The correct type of screws will give your door a smoother, more secure finish. They should also be of the right diameter to match the size of the hinge.

If your door has been installed for a long time, it may be rusty or worn. It will also have holes in it. If you want to keep your door in good working condition, it’s a good idea to fix these.

You can use wood dowels to replace the old screw holes in your door. However, be sure to buy the right size dowel to ensure your doors will look seamless. Buying dowels that are too big or too small will cause your frame to look uneven.

You can also try using wood putty to fill the holes in your door. This will make it easier for the screws to hold the hinge in place. You will need to wait a few hours before reinstalling the screws.

If you are replacing a missing hinge, it’s a good idea to stain or paint your door to match the hinges. Then you can install the new hinges. You will also need to drill a few pilot holes.

If your hinge is stuck, you can either push it out with a screwdriver or remove the pins. For a better result, you can lubricate the hinges before installing them.