How to Use Android Mobile As a Webcam


If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you can use it as a webcam. You can use your smartphone as a webcam in several ways. Here are some methods: DroidCam, Windows DroidCam Client, NDI, and DroidCamX.


DroidCam is an application that uses your Android mobile as a webcam. It works with various software applications, including Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, and other chat programs. It also supports high-definition video with 720p resolution. You can also flip the camera, mirror it, and adjust brightness and contrast. The app is free, but you can also purchase the premium version if you want more features.

To use DroidCam, you have first to download the app. Once the app is installed, you must be logged in as an Android developer. Once you have this access, you can use DroidCam to connect your phone to your PC. You can also use it with other applications, such as Zoom meetings.

DroidCam has many features that make it a great webcam. It can record video in 720p or 1080p and even support direct USB connections. It also supports phone call muting, and you can view the video from your PC in a web browser. If you’re looking for more advanced features, you can purchase the pro version for $4.99. You can then access additional controls and options, such as autofocus.

After you’ve installed the DroidCam client, you can connect to your Android mobile through WiFi. To do this, you need to have the DroidCam mobile application installed on your mobile device. The app displays the IP address and port of your DroidCam device. After installing the app, you need to click “Connect over WiFi” and select “DroidCam.” This will launch the camera and display the feed.

To use DroidCam on your PC, you must first download and install the desktop client for Android. The application will require you to allow permissions for audio and video. You must also be connected to the same WiFi network on your PC. Once the application has been installed, you must accept the license agreement and select a location to install it. Then, click “Install” on your PC, and you are ready to use DroidCam.


DroidCamX for Android mobile as a webcam is an Android application that works as a webcam. The application allows you to use both the front and back cameras. You can adjust the resolution and contrast to get the best quality video. This app also allows you to adjust the focus and zoom.

To use DroidCamX for Android mobile as a webcam, first, you must enable the USB debugging option on your Android device. After you enable this option, go to Settings and find the Additional settings option. There you should see a USB port. You should also check the box for audio and video.

To use DroidCam for Android mobile as a webcam, you must have the DroidCam app installed. This app is available in the Android Market for free. The free version only supports standard definition video; you need to buy the $5 version of the application to get high-resolution video.

Once you install the DroidCamX for Android mobile as a webcam, you’ll notice that it has a lot of settings. The settings are customizable, and you can adjust brightness, rotate, and change the picture. The free version is fully functional, but you’ll have to purchase the DroidCamX Pro version to use advanced features.

If you want to use DroidCamX as a webcam, you can also set it to use your phone’s camera. It’s free and can be installed directly from Google Play. It also allows you to use the front-facing camera as your webcam. It also supports video mirroring and autofocus. The video feed can be a bit laggy when your phone is locked.

To use DroidCamX for Android mobile as a webcam, you must first enable USB debugging on your Android phone. Then, connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable. Once you have successfully done that, open the DroidCam app on your phone and PC. Once you have done this, you should see a video preview.

You can also use DroidCam as a webcam with a PC. Once you’ve installed the Android app, you can connect the DroidCam to your computer via the USB cable. You’ll need a Windows computer to connect the camera to your PC. The DroidCam PC client app is free and will allow you to connect your phone to the web.

Windows DroidCam Client

The DroidCam PC client allows you to use an Android phone as a webcam. To do so, you need to connect your phone and PC over Wi-Fi. Once connected, select the DroidCam phone app on the Windows computer, enter your phone’s Wi-Fi IP, and port it into the appropriate fields. You will then see the video and audio from the camera.

You can also use your Android smartphone as a webcam by downloading the DroidCam Client app. This app allows you to use your smartphone as a webcam and works with many different services, including Skype and Zoom. You can also use your smartphone camera to connect to a public network like an ATM.

Before using the DroidCam on Windows, you should enable USB debugging on your Android phone. After that, connect the PC and the phone with a USB cable. Open the DroidCam application on both devices. The DroidCam app should automatically detect the connection. The video quality will vary, but you should be able to capture videos of decent quality.

DroidCam is easy to use. It has all the features you’d expect and is incredibly easy to set up. You’ll need a compatible Android phone and a computer with an internet connection. The DroidCam application is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

You can also use an Android mobile as a webcam using Windows 10 computers. Depending on your needs, you can connect a DroidCam client to an Android phone through WiFi, which requires advanced tinkering. Moreover, the free version of the DroidCam client only works in standard definition; you need to purchase a $5 app for high-resolution video to get better quality.

You can also use your phone as a webcam in video chat apps. Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom all support the DroidCam, and you can even change the angle and viewpoint. Another advantage is that DroidCam is a portable application not integrated into your computer. Once you have installed the DroidCam client, open your favorite web browser and click the “DroidCam” button.


If you’re using an Android phone, you can use NDI for Android Mobile as a webcam. Some apps support NDI, such as Skype and Zoom. You can set up the NDI camera in the video settings. In addition, you can use the flash on your phone as a light source. But, you’ll need to install an app that supports NDI to use the app as a webcam.

NDI is a network-based protocol that lets broadcasters send video and audio signals over a network. NDI requires compatible hardware and software. There are both free and paid NDI camera apps. If you’re using an iOS device, you’ll have to purchase an app that supports NDI for $16.

In addition to allowing video creation, NDI for Android Mobile allows you to stream and record high-definition video. It lets you share your screen and remote control your desktop, laptop, or another device. It’s the perfect solution for live streaming, videography, and more.

The smartphone camera has much better quality than most webcams, so you’ll likely be able to capture more detailed images and videos. However, it is important to keep the phone steady – use a mini tripod or thick book to keep it steady. While phone cameras are great for occasional chitchat, they aren’t appropriate for presenting a presentation.

An external webcam can help you create better video content, but it’s not always convenient. Some people don’t have a high-end webcam lying around or don’t want to spend money on one. For those who don’t have a high-quality webcam, you can still use the camera on your phone as a webcam.