How to Use Scanner on Android


The heavy scanners are over those days because scanning and printing technology has advanced rapidly over the years. Android phones are natively capable of scanning documents. All you need to do is point your camera at the document, and a yellow outline with a scan button will appear after a few seconds. This article will show you how to use the scanner on your Android phone. You will be able to scan a document quickly and easily.

Google’s Pixel has a built-in document scanner

The Google Pixel has a document scanner built right into the camera app. If you want to scan documents, select the document type and hold it to the camera. You can also crop documents and use Google Lens to translate text and images. The scanner can also scan PDF documents. So the Google Pixel can also help you create PDF files. Reading our full device review, you can learn more about its document scanning capabilities.

Using Google’s document scanner is simple. You can scan any document and save it in various formats, including images or PDFs. This feature is handy if you need to scan multiple documents at once. First, launch the camera app on your Pixel 4/4 XL and press the ‘Scan Document’ option in the Google Lens popup. The app will then redirect you to the document scanner.

For a more robust scanning experience, you can download third-party apps. Microsoft Lens, for example, allows you to adjust the borders of a document. It also includes digital tools for marking the scan. In addition, it saves your scanned documents directly to your device or OneDrive. The app also supports a variety of formats, including PDF. It is worth downloading a few free trials to determine how good each app is.

Another great feature of Google’s Pixel is its document scanner. It’s a great feature for people who often need to scan documents. Using the phone for business purposes, you can scan documents for free and turn them into files. Unfortunately, the free version of the app will also have a watermark, making it difficult to read. Also, despite being free in the U.S., Stack isn’t available globally.

Adobe Scan

Among its many features, Adobe Scanner on Android offers advanced editing capabilities. Advanced editing features include annotations, watermarks, and passcodes. It is free to download on iOS and Android, offering up to 10GB of free storage space. The app also comes with premium plans, which include yearly and monthly payment options. A business version is available as well. Read on to learn more. Hopefully, you’ll love it as much as we do!

The app allows you to scan documents and photos. Files will default be named Adobe Scan (current date) or something similar. You can change this by adding a string or renaming the file if you’d like. You can also save original pictures from other locations by exporting them as JPEGs. Those images can then be sent via text message or posted to Facebook. Moreover, you can use the app’s social integration to share scans with friends and family.

In addition to documents, Adobe Scan also supports scanning business cards. The app can convert your business card, document, and whiteboard into readable data. Its user interface is intuitive, making it easy to scan documents. You must point your device at the document, press the capture button, and Adobe Scan will do the rest. In addition to document capture, Adobe Scanner on Android supports several flash options and importing images for OCR.

Once you’ve captured your document, the app will display the Review screen. You can use the edit toolbar to crop the document or save it as a PDF. You can also edit your scan by dragging the pages and selecting one of the four image filters. You can edit the image, rename it, and save it. After scanning, you can edit its resolution and crop, if necessary. But remember that keeping the document centered is important before capturing it.


You’ll love the Notebloc Scanner App for Android if you want a professional-looking document scanned. The app will let you scan any document, compatible with most Android devices. In addition, it has a multi-scan feature and OCR technology to transcribe documents in 18 different languages automatically. It also features smart editing features to help you correct your scanned documents and manage your scanned materials.

The Notebloc Scanner App for Android enables you to capture perfect scans. This powerful app can correct perspectives, corners, and other things. It will also help you collect scanned documents in JPEG or PDF format. The app also includes a built-in OCR scanner so that your documents are error-free. In addition, you can save and share scanned documents easily. It’s a great way to organize and keep your important documents safe in a digital file.


The TurboScan app for Android is a document scanner for Android that focuses on image quality. It can scan any document and store it in the cloud for easier access. The app can also capture images on the fly, such as from a whiteboard, and organize them later. Users should consider downloading the Premium version of the app for more features. The free version only allows for one scan per document. In addition, it does not support editing or converting documents.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the TurboScan scanner for Android is its interface. While it is easy to use and is optimized for speed, the design is less than aesthetically pleasing. The layout is also not as intuitive as the TurboScan desktop app. The layout of the scanner is also very basic and is not ideal for large-scale scans. Users should look for other options in an app that allows them to customize the app and scan large documents.

While TurboScan has a good reputation, there are better scanning apps. Some of them have in-app purchases. Some of them also provide automatic cloud storage. Other apps may have extra features like auto-saving of scanned documents. Generally, the best scanning app uses optical character recognition to convert the text from the document into an editable document. One important thing to consider when choosing a scanning app is the ease of use.

This Android app allows users to scan documents in JPG and PDF format. Users can also adjust brightness and rotate the scanned page. They can also sharpen and resize the image and change the file type to PNG. The app also allows users to scan multiple documents in batches. This app is also compatible with iOS and Windows. It is a great tool for document scanning on Android! If you’re in the market for an excellent scanner app, you can’t go wrong with TurboScan.

Mopria Scan

Downloading Mopria Scanner for Android is a convenient way to use a mobile scanner. This app automatically connects your Android device to a compatible scanner via Wi-Fi. You can initiate a scan from the app, organize and rename scans, and share scanned data with others. The Mopria Scanner app works with many manufacturers’ scanners, including Mopria Alliance members.

You can scan multiple documents with one click. You can scan multiple documents at one time or save them individually. The app allows you to save the scanned pages as a single PDF or to a cloud service. It is easy to use, and its simple operation makes it ideal for home and office use. Mopria Scanner for Android is compatible with the latest Android operating system. This app has numerous features and functions that make it ideal for busy professionals.

Mopria Scan is compatible with most Android devices. It offers advanced scanning features, including adjustable resolution and custom scan areas. Scanners certified by Mopria are compatible with most Android devices, including Samsung, Canon, Epson, and HP. In addition, the Mopria Scan App is free to download and has no ads. With Mopria Scan, you can easily scan documents and photos from your Android device.

The Mopria Print Service app is available for users of older Android versions. However, it works on nearly all Android versions and lets you print documents from anywhere. Using the standard Android share command, you can also send scans to any printer. To do this, tap the print command in any app. Afterward, you can select text and choose the location to send it. The scanning process is as easy as ever. It doesn’t require any additional software.