K Hovnanian Reviews


K. Hovnanian reviews can help assess the company’s culture and working conditions. Its employees are likely to describe a similar work environment and compensation, so reading these reviews can help determine whether the company is right for you. These reviews can also help find out how practical interviewing skills are and highlight any negative aspects of the company.

Average Salary

The average salary at K. Hovnanian Homes is $119,681 per year or about $57 per hour. However, salaries may vary based on job title, experience, education, and location. Below is a list of standard job titles and their respective salaries. This information is meant to indicate a range of salaries and is not intended to be used for comparison purposes.

The K Hovnanian Homes average salary is $43,288 per year, or about 12.3% higher than the California average. However, this company does not have many active job openings in this state. Using ZipRecruiter to search for K Hovnanian job openings, you can find out the salary of a K Hovnanian Homes employee in your area.

Khovnanian is a significant construction and real estate company with many locations across the country. As such, salaries are similar in those industries. Employee reviews, especially those posted by former employees, can provide insight into the company’s culture and working conditions. Additionally, they can help you determine if K. Hovnanian is a good fit for you and whether you’ll be happy there.

Working conditions

K. Hovnanian pays its employees an average of $360,301 per year. However, salaries vary from lows of $313,998 to highs of $413,282. Salary ranges are based on job title, department, and location. Salaries may also differ depending on experience and education. The table below includes the average salary range for different positions at K. Hovnanian.


Comparably, compensation for Khovnanian is in the Bottom 20% of similar-sized companies. KHov’s perks and compensation are in the Bottom 20% as well. The company offers an Operations Manager salary and a Sales Rep salary. However, the company does not disclose how much each employee makes. The company has 12 employees, and the data shows that the company’s compensation and perks are below average.

Training opportunities

If you are interested in working in the construction or real estate industry, you may consider applying to K. Hovnanian. The company has similar working conditions and compensation to other industry firms. The company’s reviews can provide insights into the company’s culture, training opportunities, and interviewing techniques. However, you should be aware that the reviews may not always be positive. If you’re considering applying to the company, read the reviews first.