Lexar Homes Reviews


When reading Lexar Homes reviews, there are several vital aspects to consider. First, the company is not a poor builder, and it allows homeowners to make their homes their own over time. This is great for homeowners because they can do some work themselves, which saves them money on labor. It also allows homeowners to have the freedom to add features to their homes over time.

Not a bad builder

If you are looking for a builder to build your dream home, you may want to look at Lexar Homes. The company builds energy-efficient and durable homes and strives to be environmentally conscious. Additionally, the company offers exceptional service. The company also has an award-winning reputation.

On-time payments

Lexar Homes is committed to making on-time payments to its subcontractors. As a result, it has a 100% on-time payment record, which places it in the top 75% of small contractors nationwide. In addition, it has had no slow payments in the past 12 months.

Lexar Homes uses Buildertrend, a construction project management software that helps the company forecast revenue and analyze profitability. Its financial features and real-time reports help Lexar Homes make informed decisions and adapt to changing markets. The company also provides franchisees with a complete set of tools to help their businesses thrive.


If you’re looking for a new home, consider one of the homes from Lexar Homes. They’ve been building homes since 1993 and started as private contractors. Through strategic partnerships, they’ve homes built energy-efficient and environmentally friendly homes. As an additional benefit, Lexar is proud to provide unparalleled customer service.

Lexar Homes is a Pacific Northwest-based home builder specializing in energy-efficient, sustainable, and healthy homes. Their website highlights their green building practices with a full-screen slideshow. They also offer multiple contact methods, making getting in touch quickly. As a result, hiring Lexar Homes is a simple process.

The company offers a wide range of products and services for consumers. A long-standing reputation backs its products for quality and reliability, which has helped Lexar gain a global following. With this acquisition, the company can further expand its product lines and engage with its target market.