Line Shopping: Finding the Best Odds Before You Start Betting


Line shopping is one of the techniques in sports betting that ensures a profitable result. Whether you bet on football or basketball, it is important that you shop for the best lines in order to maximise your online betting.

This is what this article is all about, to teach you the basics of line shopping, so that you can make the most out of your bets on your chosen sport.

What are the basics of line shopping?

As the name suggests, line shopping is no different from other forms of shopping. It is basically looking round for the best lines from different sportsbooks and simply comparing them to choose which you think will give you more profits.

At first, line shopping could be confusing to new bettors because almost it is hard to tell which line of bookmakers are worth the risk but as you go along your betting journey, you will pick up some skills to separate the best Singaporepool odds from the unprofitable ones.

How to shop lines?

Usually, line shopping is a betting technique that is being done mostly by expert sports bettors because of the high risks. However, if you are ready enough, you can start line betting if you really want a much more profitable result.

Regular bettors only hold accounts on a single sportsbook but the first step to line shopping is to create an account with two or more bookmakers to compare odds. Check out all the lines available from each site and choose one that you think is the best. Now, compare the odds from each of the sites and choose one that suits your preference.

Aside from comparing lines, you can also compare the bonuses being offered from each site and choose one that is most beneficial.

What are the tips for line shopping?

First of all, don’t shop for lines by just picking what everyone recommends, in short, don’t blindly shop. Just because an odd or line looks good on the surface doesn’t mean it is profitable. There are many steps you must take first before you arrive at the best conclusion.

Another tip is to study the sport you chose to bet on. You need to know the important details about the sport you want to bet on such as the last five champions, the condition of the team, the current players, the recorded goals, injuries, etc. These factors have an effect on the odds being presented by the bookmakers.

Lastly, the best time to shop for lines is the hours after the lines on a match were posted. These early lines will give you an edge over other sports bettors.

What are the benefits of line shopping?

In line shopping, you can place your bet on a better line but first you need to know about steam chasing and stale lines. Steam chasing is chasing odds being adjusted by the bookmakers because of the heavy volume of bets, while stale lines are the complete opposite. By understanding these two concepts, you can get ahead over other bettors.

Also, the chances of winning a bet in line shopping increases because you are looking for the best odds based on different outcomes of the same sporting event.

Final words

As you go along in your sports betting career, you will realise that placing a bet on a single bookmaker wasn’t enough. Sometimes you have to look for possibilities of profitability in other sites.

Overall, line shopping allows you to maximise your bets by looking for the best lines on sportsbooks and comparing them to arrive at a sound decision before you place your final bet. Make sure that you try this effective betting technique next time.