Nanigans Reviews-The Amazing Pros and the Disappointing Cons


Nanigans is one of the best cross-platform advertising tools on the market. In this overview of Nanigans reviews, we are going to be looking at some of the pros and cons of this advertising tool. There r e a dozen advertising tools on the market but for some reason, Nanigans tends to stand out thanks to the number of innovative features it has. After its release though there were some areas that users wanted to be improved. In this Nanigans review we are going to be talking about those too, keep reading.

Nanigans Reviews: What is Nanigans?

Nanigans is a high-performance cross-channel marketing tool that is there for all your digital marketing needs. The tool is cloud-based meaning you can use t entirely online. Nanigans helps with running digital marketing campaigns on several sites.

Nanigans Reviews: The Pros

There are several positives that we have picked up from the available Nanigans reviews from users. These include

Nanigans Reviews: Cross-Chanel Marketing

There are dozens of social media sites and a lot more other digital platforms available for a marketer. This means that there are several channels for marketing but that also means there is more work to satisfy all those channels. With the number of available digital channels having a toll for each will be nothing but counterproductive. This is where Nanigans cross-channel marketing comes in.

With Nanigans you can run simultaneous campaigns on several digital platforms. This means you can have a uniform campaign strategy across several digital platforms. This will certainly improve the reach of your message and will also give your organization that professional aesthetic Nanigans can run campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are also several less popular but very effective digital channels that you can utilize using Nannigans we will talk about those later on.

NanigansReviews: Cloud-Based

One thing that has improved in marketing over the years is collaboration. The cloud-based feature that comes with Nanigans means you can easily collaborate with other people regardless of where you are. Cloud-based systems are certainly more efficient and they offer a new dynamic to marketing.

You also do not have to worry about losing your data in case of physical disasters. You can just recover it online. Data losses can result in losses that are mammoth and preventing them is very important especially for digital marketing companies which are mainly data reliant.

Nanigans Reviews: Real-Time Data Analytics

Marketing is all about numbers s and you have to have your number on the fly. Using Naniganswill allow you to have access to your numbers on the go. Nanigans has a real-time analytics feature that allows you to follow through with the reach your promotional content is getting. The analytics are detailed and are easy to read thanks to graphical and image integration. The fact that the data is cloud-based means you can also easily access data from previous promotions with ease.

Nanigans Reviews: The Cons

There are several improvement suggestions that we managed to pick up from the reviews from Nanigans users.

Nanigans Reviews: Overdue Updates

One thing that seems to be lacking from Nanigans is regular reviews. They tend to take a long time to respond to improvement suggestions and that might result in them losing market share if not quickly addressed.

Nanigans Reviews: Contact Database

One thing that would make Nanigans perfect is having a contact database. Most users mentioned this in their reviews and it is very important. Having a contact database will help improve your marketing reach and with all the tools that Nanigans has, it’s surprising they don’t have this.

Overall Nanigans is a great digital marketing tool and if you are looking to grow your digital reach, we recommend Nanigans.


What is Nanigans?

Nanigans is a cloud-based digital marketing tool

Does Nanigans work with Twitter?

Nanigans works with several sites and Twitter is one of them

Is Nanigans free?

Nanigans is not free, there is a monthly subscription that has to be paid