How to Rank 1 on Google – The Best Organic Traffic Source


Getting to Rank 1 on Google is the ultimate price for every hardworking blogger or website administrator. It’s not easy to get that ranking on Google but getting one is very important. The benefits that come with the ranking are mammoth. Don’t you believe us? Keep reading this article and get all the good reasons why getting that rank 1 on Google is a very good idea. To read more click here.

Rank 1 on Google Benefits

Multiple benefits come with being ranked first on the Google PageRank. You have to understand that getting to that top spot is not easy and will take a lot of work. The benefits are worth every grain of effort, though. 

Rank 1 on Google Benefits: Appearing in the First Page

The biggest advantage of having a good ranking on Google is that you get to appear on the first page when someone punches in a search query related to your content. This means that your website will be the first thing on Google. The advantages that c0me with popping up first mean you get the premium search engine experience. Most people are most likely going to click and engage with the first result they come across on Google. Getting the first position on Google ranking is one of the best things you would want.

Rank1 on Google Benefits: Brand Awareness

The main reason why Google ranking is such a big deal is that having a good ranking gives you free advertisement. By appearing on Google’s first page means that even if people do not click on your link, they will still see it. This means tour brand visibility will shoot to the roof. With increased brand visibility, you get more opportunities. This means that corporates are more likely going to engage you for advertisements. 

Rank 1 on Google Benefits: More Engagements

One thing that being ranked first on Google is more engagements. Statistics show that most people are most likely going to interact with the page that appears on the first page of Google when they Google something. This means that if you are ranked 1 one, Google getting engagement is going to be easier. The more engagements you get, the more popular your site gets, and well, the gifts of fame are well known. 

Rank 1 on Google Benefits: Authoritativeness 

The biggest benefit of getting a good ranking on Google, the first ranking is that your site’s credibility increases. Google ranks sites according to their authoritativeness, amongst other things. Getting a good rank to mend your site is credible, and more importantly, that will increase your site’s authoritativeness ranking. One of the measures of authoritativeness used to rank sites is their Google rank. Being first on Google means more site authority and, in turn, more engagements. Another thing that site authority can get you is easy verification on other microblogging sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Rank 1 on Google Benefits: Long Term Visibility

Unlike other paid campaign adverts that only filter through for a couple of days and then die down, being first on Google gives you long-term visibility. This means that if you are ranked number one on google, you most likely going to remain in that position for a very long term as long as you keep p your content in check. This means that the perks of being number 1 on Google are long-lasting and well that will make your life a lot easier.  

If you have a website, you should be working towards getting that number 1 rating on Google. 


Can you pay for rank 1 on Google?

You cannot really pay for Page Rankings but you can pay advertise on the first page

Can any site be number 1 on Google?

As long as you satisfy the requirements from Google you can be ranked first on Google

How can you be ranked number 1 on Google?

Writing quality content, using the right keywords and following all SEO tools will get you that number 1 ranking