Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Review


Whether you are looking for a new phone or upgrading from your current model, there are several things to consider when deciding whether to upgrade. One of those things is battery life. You can get more from your phone if you have a device that offers long battery life. Another thing to consider is screen real estate. If you want to watch movies and TV shows on your phone, you will want to ensure that you have enough room. You will also want to look at software and build quality.


Whether watching YouTube on your phone or multitasking with a third app, you can have it all with your Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. You can do it all in full or split screen, and it’s all customizable.

One of the most excellent Android features is split-screen multitasking. It lets you use two applications side-by-side and is a great way to increase productivity. And it’s also useful in other ways, like in a game or watching a video.

In addition, to split screen, Samsung also implemented a pop-up window mode, which lets you use one app in a small window and another in a bigger window. This is handy if you want to attach a screenshot to an email or gallery app.

Battery life

Whether you’re considering purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 or the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, it’s essential to understand how long the phone can last when fully charged. The Galaxy Fold 2’s battery lasts an average of 9 hours and 5 minutes when the interior screen is on. However, that’s much less than Note 20 Ultra owners can expect. The battery life is also more sensitive to screen brightness.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2’s battery is a relatively modest upgrade over the original Fold’s 4,380mAh battery. However, it’s still large enough to last for an entire day, assuming you use the phone for a mix of light and heavy usage. In addition, the Galaxy Fold 2 has some of the best cameras on the market and is easy to use.

Screen real estate

Creating a form factor for foldable requires a delicate balancing act. It requires the proper hardware, software, and usability to deliver an immersive and functional device.

Samsung’s Fold 2 has some impressive specs. It has an industry-standard display resolution, and the screen is surprisingly sharp. There are also fast loading times and a lot of storage space. The battery can last a full day on one charge. In addition, the hinge can support everyday use. There is also a Flex mode, which allows apps to jump to the top half of the screen when needed.

While the foldable screen is impressive, it isn’t necessarily the best feature. There are a few things that it doesn’t do, such as supporting Samsung’s S Pen stylus.

Software woes

Despite its fantastic design, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has major software woes. Unfortunately, these problems make the device unusable. Here are some tips to help fix them.

The Dual Screen feature isn’t always working. Users aren’t able to find apps on the home screen. This is a common problem with Android devices.

Some users report using the device in Safe Mode to find apps. Unfortunately, this will limit the phone to native apps and remove the ability to use third-party apps.

Some users have reported problems with the Samsung Pay app. For example, some European users have said that the app doesn’t work, and others have said it’s not working. This is due to a coding mixup in the CSC code. This means the app can’t function and prevents users from making payments.

Build quality

Unlike other foldable, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has a solid build quality. It’s sturdy, feels durable, and has a solid hinge. It’s also got a high-end CPU. The Galaxy Fold 2 has 12GB of RAM, which is pretty high-end, and a Geekbench 5 multi-core score of 3,172.

It has a 120Hz adaptive panel, which makes movies and games move more fluidly. The screen isn’t the sharpest, but it’s not bad, either. The resolution is also reasonably high, with 1768x 2208 pixels. The screen is almost square and has virtually no bezels. It’s also fairly bright.

The re-tooled hinge is one of the most significant changes in the Galaxy Fold 2. It can hold its position at almost any angle and is much stiffer than the original. It’s also a lot easier to use in one hand.