Singapore Airlines Business Class


Singapore Airlines business class is widely considered among the best in the sky, featuring spacious comfortable seats and delicious chef-created meals. No matter whether you use miles or cash as payment, this luxurious flight experience is definitely worth your while.

SIA provides lie-flat seats on all long-haul international and domestic flights. On this flight, the older model found on 777-200s and 777-300ERs will be used.


Singapore Airlines boasts a vast fleet and offers an array of cabin products on its flights. Travelers should know which plane they’ll be flying on as well as any specifics about its seating availability and available products before selecting their seat(s).

Short haul Business Class passengers have the option of selecting either a 1-2-1 or 2-2 seating configuration, the latter with less legroom but still providing enough comfort for travelers who want to work while airborne and get some rest before landing.

Air Canada recently unveiled a regional Business Class product on narrowbody aircrafts, featuring staggered seats in a 2-2 and 1-1 layout. Although this option doesn’t provide flat beds like those found on long haul flights, it remains a good option for travelers needing restful restful rest during flights who don’t have time or budget for full lie-flat beds.

On longer flights, American offers its most modern business class seats – flat-bed business class seats on its Boeing 787-10s and select Airbus A350-900s that recline into fully flat beds for added comfort, privacy, and space. They feature spacious foot bench areas that recline into fully flat beds for ultimate relaxation on every flight.

When selecting seats, take into account both the length of your flight and whether or not you will be travelling alone. If travelling solo, bulkhead seats in rows 11A or 19A/K could provide extra privacy with their large footrests and closeness to galleys and bathrooms for easy access during flight.

When traveling with friends, try booking middle seats in rows 12-14 as these “throne” seats offer extra storage under the armrests and an in-seat table; additionally they allow direct aisle access.


Singapore Airlines’ culinary offerings have long made it one of the world’s premier airlines, and Book the Cook service allows passengers from Suites, First, and Business class cabins to pre-order meals with more options than those available onboard.

Food menus at SIA showcase an eclectic mix of Asian, European and Middle Eastern cuisine as well as vegetarian and vegan offerings such as roasted pumpkin soup, pan-fried eggplant with tomato sauce and crispy sweet potato balls. Fresh salads and bread baskets round out main courses while for dessert there’s chocolate mousse with hazelnuts or apple crumb cake – among many others!

SIA provides specially-tailored meals to satisfy dietary restrictions, designed to limit salt and fat, gluten, nuts, and pork products. In addition, kid-friendly meals are available. Our chefs take great pride in creating each dish from scratch with precision.

Recently, American Airlines unveiled a healthy menu for flights departing New York-area airports that features dishes such as orange roasted beet salad and prawn wanton noodle soup. This menu was developed in collaboration with California wellness company Golden Door and caterer Flying Foods Group; all meals are freshly made onboard before being served with side items of rice or quinoa for optimal dining experiences.

Ethan was delighted by his experience on board a recent Singapore Airlines flight to Taiwan, noting how their business-class meals “truly deliver on their promise of restaurant-grade dining in the sky.” In particular, Ethan appreciated their tasty chicken curry with white rice served alongside freshly made buns – an unforgettable meal experience indeed!

Since October 2020, Singapore Airlines (SIA) has returned to serving course-by-course meals on international long-haul flights for Suites and First Class passengers, and single card menus on regional economy flights as was done prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.


One of the great things about Singapore Airlines is its extensive offering of entertainment options for passengers. These can be found both on their seat-back screens and the touchscreen IFE handsets provided to every passenger in their cabin – both are easy to use with straightforward menus and functions that will keep passengers occupied throughout their flight experience. Furthermore, Singapore Airlines also provides a selection of games to keep its passengers occupied throughout their journey.

KrisWorld, the airline’s inflight entertainment system, features an impressive selection of movies and television shows for business class passengers to enjoy both on handsets and the personal 11.1-inch touch screen monitors in each seat. Furthermore, there are various gaming options to choose from such as 3D gaming.

There is also a range of music channels to enjoy, ranging from carefully curated playlists to popular hits. Furthermore, the airline has partnered with major music labels to offer exclusive content exclusively for its passengers. There is even a dedicated channel just for children that features fun and upbeat songs as well as educational and interactive games designed for passengers of all ages to enjoy on board their flight.

Singapore Airlines’ 777-300 business class product is highly acclaimed, while their new A350 product outdoes it even further (especially when traveling from the US to Europe). Offering ample storage space and IFE capabilities as well as exceptional catering, this is one of the best ways to travel between North America and Asia.

Connectivity on most flights has significantly improved over the past year, making it easier for passengers to keep in contact with friends and family while traveling. WiFi service is free for business class passengers; additional data plans may be purchased as needed for other classes.

Singapore’s business class also stands out for its spacious foot cubby, which can easily fit a full-sized duffel bag and store shoes and other small items. There are also convenient seat controls including buttons to control lights, seats and even beds.


Singapore Airlines business class stands out among all other global offerings with its superior service and comfort on every flight. There are several ways Singapore Airlines allows passengers to save on these flights, such as sale prices or booking during off-season booking periods; plus they partner with all major transferable point programs to make booking easier with miles.

Air New Zealand operates two business classes, both featuring comfortable pod seats. Their long-haul cabin on Airbus A350s and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft features wide leather seats that recline or flip forward into flat beds for added comfort, as well as storage space to store any belongings you might want to bring with you onboard. You can select among several seat positions including Lazy Z (for lounging) or Sundeck for more relaxed lounging positions.

On Boeing 737-800 aircraft, regional business class offers comfortable recliner seats arranged in a 2-1-2 configuration for easier travel from North America to Asia and Australia. This cabin can be found on flights between these regions.

Singapore Airlines not only provides spacious seats but also provides an impressive menu of meals, snacks, and beverages prepared by professional chefs; including both local and international dishes as well as wines and spirits selection.

Singapore Airlines business class passengers also enjoy access to one of their lounges located throughout airports – Seattle-to-Singapore route travelers can find “The Club SEA” located in Changi Airport’s S Gates area by train or escalator, then follow signs for “Airline Lounge.”

Singapore Airlines business class passengers can also benefit from Book the Cook, an exclusive feature available on most flights that allows them to pre-order their meal prior to travel. You must do this before departure time (at a certain time before boarding begins); ordering meals during flight costs more.