The New Macbook Pro 15


The new MacBook Pro 15 is a high-performance laptop with a sleek and ultra-light design. It features the latest Intel processors and a groundbreaking Retina display. In addition, it has a Butterfly-mechanism keyboard and an anti-reflective coating.

Retina display

If you’re interested in buying a new MacBook, you may want to know more about the Retina display on a MacBook Pro. The Retina display is a high-resolution screen that makes images and text easier to read.

The Retina display isn’t only available on the MacBook Pro. Apple also offers a non-Retina MacBook Pro, which is a 2012 model that does not have a Retina display.

Regarding the differences between Retina and non-Retina, you’ll have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each model. This is a significant decision for many people when purchasing a computer.

The Retina display on a MacBook has a pixel density that’s so high that it’s almost impossible to see individual pixels. It’s also denser than a regular display, which makes for a better viewing experience.

Touch bar

The Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro is an OLED strip that provides a long, thin touch screen. In addition, the Touch Bar features a Retina-quality display and supports multi-touch input. The Touch ID button also replaces the Power button, which can be used to log into your Mac account using your fingerprint.

The Touch Bar has a lot of customizability, including a nifty control strip. The Control Strip is located on the right side of the Touch Bar and includes buttons for volume, brightness, and Siri. It can be customized for everyday tasks and swapped out with other controls.

You can find the Control Strip in your Mac’s System Preferences. You can also access it by pressing the Fn key. Its functions include displaying frequently used system commands, such as the forward or back arrows in Safari. It can also be activated by tapping a hand on the right side of the Touch Bar.

Advanced airflow system

The new Macbook Pro’s advanced thermal system is impressive on its own. The 3D gimmick proves Apple has finally put the pedal to the metal when it comes to high-performance hardware. Unfortunately, the high-tech marvel isn’t the only one penned by the company; it’s also a bit of a hot potato. Those with more than a desire for a sexy laptop may have to enlist the services of a competent geek. Fortunately, there are some savvies waiting for the brave horse. The most notable sexies include the proverbial sexiest, the sexiest, and the sexiest amongst the lot. The new-gen MacBooks have a few kinks to smooth out.

Butterfly-mechanism keyboard

Apple launched its butterfly-mechanism keyboard for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models in 2015. These were touted as being more reliable and quieter than the traditional keyboards found on other laptops. The company also promised a 40% thinner design. The problem is that these promises were unfulfilled.

The new keyboard features a sapphire-glass button that doubles as a Touch ID sensor. It is multi-touch-enabled and contains the butterfly-mechanism keys. In addition, the critical cover is made of nylon, as opposed to the plastic used in the first iteration of the keyboard in the Retina MacBook.

Apple has been researching and testing the keyboard for several years. They have implemented a service program to repair or replace affected keys. However, this does not mean that the company is confident that the latest keyboards are as robust as they seem.

8-core i7 or i9 core processor

When looking for a new MacBook Pro, knowing which intel core processor to choose is essential. For example, you might wonder which is better – a six-core or eight-core i7 or i9 processor? If you want the best performance and value, the i9 is the way to go.

The new 9th generation Core i9 processor offers up to eight cores and a 4.8GHz Turbo Boost frequency. The higher number of seats means it will be able to run more demanding applications with ease. For example, this can make it a good choice for video editing.

The latest 8-core i9 chip is available in the 15-inch MacBook Pro. It can also be configured with a 5GHz Turbo Boost, which is more powerful. Alternatively, you can choose an unlocked chip version, the Core i9-9980HK, with an even higher clock speed.

Anti-reflective coating

Anti-reflective coating on MacBook Pro screens has been around for years. However, there is a chance that your laptop may have this problem, and if so, you have two options: AppleCare or paying for a reflective coating replacement.

First, the quality program is an excellent way to get a free repair or replacement. However, you must have your MacBook within four years of purchase to qualify. You may need to take it to an Apple store or third-party service provider to check your eligibility.

The next best thing is the “Free Screen Replacement Program,” which lets you get a new display if you have a cracked or damaged retina display. This is the most obvious option, but it also has its drawbacks. If your device falls under this program, you’ll have to wait for it to arrive.