What is Lexi Rivera Phone Number?


Lexi Rivera is an immensely popular YouTuber who boasts over 14 million followers on TikTok. She’s well known for her comedic videos, such as prank videos.

Her YouTube vlogs and content are extremely popular with teenagers, and she is part of the Amp World YouTube squad alongside Brent River, Ben Azelart, Caleb Burton, Andrew Davilla, and the Stokes Twins.

How to contact Lexi Rivera

Lexi Rivera, born May 26th, 2012, and sister of actor Brent Rivera, began her social media celebrity and Instagram star career on May 26, 2012, and quickly rose through the ranks to become a high-paid social media personality and web video star with more than 14 Million followers on TikTok alone.

Born and residing in Huntington Beach, she is one of three siblings – Blake, Brent, and Brice – belonging to Laura’s and John’s marriage, respectively. Her passion lies within gymnastics; often posting videos to Instagram and TikTok showing herself performing various gymnastic routines has helped gain tremendous attention for this young lady’s talents.

Gymnast and dancer, she lives an active lifestyle and shares workout and fitness tips with her followers on social media – such as maintaining a strict workout regimen and eating healthily. In addition, she enjoys dancing for fans on Instagram and TikTok channels and recording videos for them; a recent example is her popular “Fake Pregnancy” video, which gained many views.

She enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends. Additionally, she takes an upbeat attitude toward life and always seeks out new opportunities to grow as an artist.

Lexi is extremely close to her older brother, Blake, and enjoys an excellent relationship with him. Being the only daughter in their family, her brothers show Lexi love and affection. Blake played hockey and competed at nationals with the Jr. Ducks hockey team before.

She enjoys an enthusiastic fan base that extends far and wide; her social media accounts are filled with messages from supporters wishing her well, and she always strives to respond positively and quickly to each one. Fans can connect with her via her social media accounts or send emails directly to her email address.

What is Lexi Rivera’s phone number?

Lexi Rivera, an award-winning YouTuber and social media personality who has amassed fame through her engaging videos, is well known among her followers on TikTok and Instagram for producing entertaining and captivating clips such as pranks, challenges, and dance routines – as well as posting workout routines regularly on both platforms. She currently enjoys an on-and-off relationship with Ben Azelart – another YouTuber and social media influencer whose videos she frequently collaborates on to produce entertaining clips for viewers to enjoy!

She was born on 7 June 2001 in California, United States, to John Rivera (a shop owner) and Laura Rivera (a homemaker). She has three elder brothers named Blake Rivera, Brice Rivera, and Brent Rivera, who all enjoy having large social media followings on their respective social platforms.

Rivera Rivera is an accomplished gymnast and social media personality who boasts an enormous following across various platforms. She is widely known for posting workout routine videos to Instagram and TikTok; in addition, her active lifestyle keeps her in constant touch with fans via emails, fan emails, phone calls, and WhatsApp.

Rivera first made her debut in a few videos on her brother’s channel, but she quickly started creating her content and rose to prominence. Today, she holds an enormous following on YouTube and Instagram, and she collaborates with other YouTubers and influencers to produce popular videos.

Rivera’s success has inspired her to establish her channel on YouTube, where she answers fan queries. She often includes friends such as Ben Azelart, Andrew Davilla, Caleb Burton, Dom Brack, Pierson Wodzynski, the Stokes Twins, and Lexi Hensler in her videos as she features them, too! Additionally, she belongs to Amp World, which is a collective of YouTubers and social media influencers that collaborate to create content.

YouTube and Instagram videos by Kayleigh McPhearson have become immensely popular with young viewers, drawing in large audiences with workout routines, dance videos, pranks on siblings, and fake pregnancy announcements on her channel that their viewers much appreciate.

What is Lexi Rivera’s email address?

Lexi Rivera, best known for her YouTube and Instagram fame, is a trendy social media celebrity who has amassed millions of followers on both platforms. Many fans want to reach out and contact Lexi for inquiries or fan mail; to do so, you will require Lexi’s email address.

Lexi Rivera can be reached via email at lxirivera@gmail.com; she also has a publicist who can assist with media inquiries by phone at (212) 933-6517.

Lexi Rivera has become an accomplished social media influencer as well as an actress. Her videos on YouTube and TikTok have amassed an immense following; often working alongside brother Brent. Additionally, Lexi has appeared in films such as Craziest Vacation Ever and Brobot.

Her family is an immense source of motivation, and she works diligently to hone her gymnastics talent. She has two older brothers, Blake and Brice Rivera – Blake has competed in the Jr Ducks Hockey team national championship as an expert hockey player, while Brice became a social media celebrity with over 270,000 followers on YouTube and Instagram, respectively.

Lexi Rivera is currently unattached; however, she has been linked with Brent’s pal Hayes Grier; however, she denies such speculations by asserting they remain just friends. Prior to that, she had been in a romantic relationship with Ben Azelart; however, they split shortly before 2020 was completed.

Lexi Rivera has an engaged social media presence and is an accomplished gymnast. Her YouTube channel currently boasts 7.8 million subscribers, and she publishes new videos weekly on Saturdays. In addition, she has become one of TikTok’s top female celebrities – earning herself over 30 million views for one fake pregnancy prank alone!

If you are a fan of Lexi Rivera, send her a letter with an autographed photo or poster mailed directly. Make sure the envelope is addressed correctly to Lexi and that it contains some cardboard so the image won’t bend during mailing.

What is the address of Lexi Rivera?

Lexi Rivera is an Instagrammer and YouTuber with an immense following on both platforms. She features videos spanning fashion and beauty tutorials to fitness instruction and comedy sketches; in addition, Lexi shares lifestyle content like workout routines and daily outfits on both platforms.

Lexi Rivera’s fans often reach out to her with personal inquiries, and she is known to respond promptly and professionally to emails she receives from fans. For booking information regarding her availability and fees, please reach out to Lexi’s publicist, who will provide more details on her availability and fee structure.

She boasts over 14 million combined followers across Instagram and TikTok platforms. Additionally, she maintains a fitness and beauty blog where she posts daily outfit pictures. Her fashion sense is well-regarded, often working closely with her brother Brent on videos showcasing their styles.

Although popular online, she remains very private when it comes to sharing personal details online. Instead, she prefers communicating with followers via email or social media messaging services, though she has been seen publicly with her brothers at family events.

Young star Jazmin is an accomplished gymnast and has participated in multiple online video projects with her brothers, Brice and Brent. Since starting her career at an early age, Jazmin has quickly become a hit on the YouTube platform, with over 270,000 subscribers watching her videos and her brand being established by them both.

She is also an incredible dancer with an exceptional physique. She regularly attends the gym and follows an intense exercise regimen; additionally, she posts videos of her gymnastic routines on social media platforms; furthermore, she has collaborated on several TikTok and YouTube collaborations with Brent, her twin brother.

She has amassed an extensive fan base worldwide and even appeared as a guest on “Amp World.” She even makes time for family, as her brother Brent can often join her at events and parties.