What on earth are SEO Hosting and Multiple D Class Hosting?


Lately, Multiple IP hosting has been getting a lot of hype. I have read a few content articles about it, and they fail to inform you exactly what it is, the benefits and also the downfall it has on your sites. Moreover, I am going to go into excellent detail about it, when it ought to be used, and how it should be utilized if at all.

What is SEO hosting?

SEO hosting allows you to spread your own domain names across multiple d class IPs, making them appear unique and separated. Seo hosting makes it all possible to deal with these IPs under a single control panel. It would be a time taking in nightmare to have to login physically to each IP.

If you are not confident about what an IP m class is, well, every single IP has four instructional classes. Listed below is your typical mathematical IP layout, and under will be how it is specified by alphabet classes:

111. 222. 333. 444

A. Udemærket. C. D

The example of this above shows that “111″ presents the IP “A” course, “222″ represents the IP “B” class, “333″ signifies the IP “C” course, and “444″ represents the actual IP “D” class.

Right now, if you were to use multiple IP hosting to host your web websites, this is how it will look over various c class IPs.

111. 222. 333. 444 (website #1)
111. 222. 334. 444 (website #2)
111. 222. 335. 444 (website #3)
111. 222. 336. 444 (website #4)
111. 222. 337. 444 (website #5)

Do you see the distinction? In my opinion, even though you are web hosting on different c courses of IPs, it is a lifeless giveaway, when they are in statistical order, like in the instance above. For this to be as unique as possible and not to become a dead giveaway, the d class IPs should be confused, not in a numerical purchase like above.

You may have no other alternative, in how the c category IPs are delivered. A large limited amount of SEO hosting guru services, and may not offer which, but it never hurts individuals. Moreover, there are a few that offer distinct c class SEO hosting, since multiple geographical areas, however, are very expensive.

Traditional hosting may well offer you additional IPs at the fee, but more than very likely they will be on the same “D” course, making them on the same network as well as close in range. Beneath is an example of your sites spread out over different m class IPs.

111. 222. 333. 444 (website #1)
111. 222. 333. 445 (website #2)
111. 222. 333. 446 (website #3)
111. 222. 333. 447 (website #4)
111. 222. 333. 448 (website #5)

Purpose of Multiple C Course Hosting

The purpose of SEO hosting is to become an advantage over your competition by boosting your search engine rankings and hyperlink value.

People that generally utilize SEO hosting, are webmasters which have a large network of internet websites, with the purpose of crosslinking to further improve their rankings. If you use regular hosting methods and crosslinking within the same network, this would get you banned from yahoo and google fast. In order to get away with it, you must have each website turn up that they are unique and are for a different c class IP.

The more unique your web internet site appears to be to the search engines, the cardiovascular disease value your links can have. Search engines are very picky regarding the value of links, and if these are on the same network, they essentially have no value at all. Just like I said before, a lot more unique your website definitely seems to be, and the more valuable your backlinks will have.

Before you buy an SEO web hosting plan, there are a lot of other factors to be able to account for and avoid, or that whole scenario is unproductive.


Another extremely important consideration in SEO hosting that is hardly ever talked about, are nameservers. Search engines make use of the whois information, and they acquire more than just who owns the website, although where it is hosted, the particular IP, of course, and the nameservers.

If you are not sure about what nameservers are, let me explain in short, Each server is allocated to an IP address. Then, that will IP is assigned to a special set of nameservers or perhaps “ns”. In order for your web website to show up, you will have to establish your nameservers to indicate those particular nameservers. I am hoping you understand, I didn’t want to be into it too much.

Getting into the importance of nameservers, even if you include multiple c class IPs, but they are using the same nameservers, that is not SEO hosting. There are a few SEO host providers that “claim” it can be SEO hosting, because it is on many c class IPs, although it’s not. The issue is, that if the nameservers are not unique for each IP, then, that’s not SEO hosting. That is definitely traditional hosting, plain and simple.

Keeping the same set of nameservers for one c class IPs is definitely letting the search engines know that your complete websites are hosted within the exact same network. Therefore, in the search engines view, the servers are the same instead of unique. That one small important aspect will defeat the purpose of SEO host and your SEO efforts.

For top-level results, you must make sure that every single IP is on an independent c class, and has really owned custom nameserver per IP.

Whois Source

Typically the whois source is another important aspect. The search engines pay close attention to the whois source, for many reasons. As stated above, the nameservers and owners of the website. Search engines have been running the whois source for years and are a major factor in their rules. It helps them know the owner of what, and fight website spam. The whois origin has a direct effect on how your website is placed.

If you are using public whois data, and all your websites are applying the same information, then I could make them private. If you obtain SEO hosting but keep the general public the same, you are going to raise a red flag to the search engines. You don’t need to want that, defeats the reason.

Make your whois private, you might as well use friends and/or loved ones’ information, but get authorization first. Make sure you tell them which their name, address as well as phone number will be public. You might also need to remember that people do information mining of the whois resource, even though it is illegal and is intended for informational purposes just. Just make sure you use a valid title, address and email address, just in case there is a problem. You are able to avoid this, by just planning private.

Even though private global businesses are using the same whois data repeatedly, they are exempt from this kind of.

The reality of SEO Hosting

The actual of SEO hosting is that it is usually expensive and may not be suited to websites, the results may vary and might not be worth it.

SEO hosting is usually expensive. It can cost you approximately $8 per IP, depending upon if they are shared or focused. If you go with multiple m class shared IPs, the idea usually costs around $4 per IP, which basically too bad. Now, dedicated various c class IPs can be a lot more expensive, especially if they feature multiple geographical locations, which may cost up to $10 for each IP. To find the best price as well as a plan, you will have to shop around.

Multiple IP hosting isn’t as reliable because of traditional hosting, and you may have a lot of downtimes. The multiple IP hosting concepts are still relatively new, so as time goes on and the need, it will get better. I have attempted a couple of seo hosting providers, plus they are not bad. I haven’t experienced any bad experiences, however.

SEO hosting isn’t suitable for everybody. If you only have a few sites, then, I wouldn’t actually bother. You may not see a lot if at all, any difference in the results.

Moreover, if you have some sort of network of 20 internet sites, then yes, SEO hosting is heading to be quite beneficial to you. One thing to remember, I wouldn’t host all of your network from the same SEO hosting provider, I would use various companies. You don’t want your websites coming from the same regional area and c instructional classes. The best results are to use various providers, with unique IPs, not just c class, nevertheless a whole different IP selection.

I’m going to be completely trustworthy here, there is a possibility in SEO hosting may not boost your ranks at all. Your results can vary depending on the competition in your market and the size of your system of websites. If your market is very competitive, you can only increase your rankings by a number of spots. But, if you don’t have a small amount of competition, you could boost your ratings substantially.

Regardless of the hype associated with SEO hosting, results will vary and much of factors come into play. Seo host isn’t a quick SEO deal, but yet another variable to improve your SEO practices. WEB OPTIMIZATION is like baking a birthday cake, if you put all the right materials in place, your results will probably shine.


If you do decide to implement SEO hosting, make sure you generally contact the company first and get them a series of questions. Never ever assume that they offer this and also off that. I have been calling SEO providers, and I have been surprised by some of their reactions. Know what you are getting, prior to getting it.

To help you out, below are several questions I always ask, and you ought to too, before buying any type of SEO web hosting plan. Some of these questions might appear like no brainer but are important.

*Are the IPs committed or shared?
*What is the precise location of the IPs?
*What is your customer support reply time?
*Does each IP have its own custom made nameserver?
*What is your downtime?
*  Do they offer a money-back guarantee?

I hope that this guide answers some questions possibly you have had about SEO hosting. Seo host can be a good boost for one’s rankings, and bad, in the event you apply its philosophy drastically wrong. Be smart, before you move too fast.

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