What to Look for in a ThemeForest Review


We’ve all heard the jingle, “Themeforest, get it!” – but what does it mean? Is this marketplace worth it? Let’s find out. I’ll explain what makes ThemeForest stand out from the rest. We’ll also look at pricing and support. Finally, we’ll talk about updates. Here’s what to look for in a ThemeForest Review.


You should read the user ratings to ensure you purchase the best theme possible. These are the comments and reviews made by other buyers. Depending on your theme’s design, you can also disable comments or leave them as default. You can use the “buy now” or “add to cart” buttons to buy the theme. Alternatively, you can visit the theme page to view the full description.

Another important factor in evaluating a theme is the developer’s response time to comments and questions. Developers who are responsive to comments and support requests are more likely to have repeat business. Porto’s support staff usually replies to comments and questions within a few hours. Some developers are recognized by other organizations, including Envato Elite and other bestselling creatives. It’s also a good idea to check the developer’s recognition.

Users can also check for user ratings of the themes on Themeforest. While ThemeForest isn’t universally loved, it offers a wide variety of themes that meet various needs. The marketplace’s history of offering a wide range of themes has led to many developers selling their themes. While most themes on ThemeForest are high quality, you can find some that are poorly coded.


Selling a theme at ThemeForest is not without risks. You have to register your product, validate it, and wait for approval from the marketplace’s team. You can get a rejection either way, but the latter is best since it allows you to reapply later with another product if the first one is rejected. The reason for rejection will depend on the theme’s price, but it’s normally around 30% of its list price. Support services are designed to answer questions about the theme’s features and functionality but don’t include personal customization.

Pricing at ThemeForest was initially introduced under the Author Driven Pricing program in 2013, but there were concerns that this would lead to a price war. Strong competition could push theme prices too low, making them unprofitable. Some authors’ initial experiments resulted in theme prices as low as $13 and as high as a million dollars. However, after the program was introduced, the price average of themes on ThemeForest went down by nearly a third.

Even the largest players are feeling the pressure. The competition is so fierce that price markdown tactics are common, and even the ‘Power Elite’ authors have to wait days for an answer. Even simple yes-or-no emails can take two or three days. Even more frustrating is that ThemeForest has been around for a decade, yet it continues to struggle to compete with the quality of its products.


This Themeforest Review will look at what the developers offer regarding support. While there’s a standard six-month support period, you can extend this to twelve months for an extra fee. Support fees typically amount to thirty percent of the list price. Support is limited to answering questions about the theme’s features and functionality, not installation or personal customization work. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you want to extend the support period.

What’s more, many authors provide item support. In addition to their themes, they offer third-party item support. Support is offered for a limited time after purchase, so you can’t expect to get a quick response from the developer. If you’re unsure about the functionality of a particular item, the author may be available through the comments section, an external website, or an email support system.

When you first visit ThemeForest, you should look at the different components of the theme. There’s a description, a list of comments, reviews, and technical details. However, don’t make the mistake of skimming through these sections – they’re filled with important information! Be sure to look at the various elements, as well as the ‘buy’ section, and ask questions to get a better understanding of the theme.


Each month, ThemeForest publishes one item from one of its sister sites. While these items may not be free, they can still be downloaded legally. The review team requires a 7-day response time before closing a ticket. This is a lengthy amount of time and can negatively impact freemium upgrade models. A free theme can take a long time to reach new users. To speed up the approval process, you can pay the developer $17 to receive unlimited support.

When choosing a theme, read through the developer’s product page to determine whether they have answered all your questions. You can tell if a developer has been responsive to customer comments by how quickly they answer. Porto’s support team responds to comments within hours. You can also read what recognitions their developers have received. ThemeForest also displays Envato Elite recognition for top creatives. Depending on your needs, you can use a theme that has won one of these awards.

ThemeForest also offers developer support. Themes purchased from ThemeForest include six months of support, which can be extended for an extra fee. This fee is generally around 30% of the theme’s list price. The author will answer questions about the theme’s functionality and features but will not be responsible for installation or personal customization. A good theme developer will offer support, but this doesn’t mean they won’t disappear.


While Envato has a small team dedicated to reviewing products, its success rate is still impressive. Their team estimates it takes one business day to review a single product. That number depends on the type of product: a font, a package of illustrations, or a robust CMS template. However, it doesn’t hurt to submit several products in the meantime to see which ones get rejected. And if you get a soft reject, you can just move on.

Envato does not care about its authors. The review process is often unreliable, and sometimes, the theme reviewer’s suggestions seem arbitrary. One reviewer suggested disabling the custom font selection option or using only pairs of fonts. The other themes, however, worked just fine without these changes. Unfortunately, most reviewers do not provide examples of perfect themes, so studying some of the more famous ones is best before attempting to build your own theme. Some top-selling products contain HTML validation errors and non-compliant PHP WordPress code.

Themes submitted to ThemeForest must stand out from the competition. They must be super functional, or the review team may reject them. This review process requires authors to move code to a plugin. But plugins cannot be verified by the review team. As a result, ThemeForest review authors have to wait for two days or more for an answer. So, even if you get approved, the review will take a few days.

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The Review Search bar is a convenient plugin for your WooCommerce store. It lets you find and compare reviews of products on Themeforest. There are many advantages to using this plugin, but it also has some disadvantages. Theme default searches never work with IDX because they use WordPress’s database instead of a third-party IDX provider. Using an IDX system is not free; it requires monthly subscriptions to a third-party IDX provider.