What are Wiki Backlinks and the Best Way to get them


Backlinks are not equal. Some backlinks carry more SEO weight than others. Nothing beats Wiki backlinks on the backlink food chain, and that reasons enough for you to strive to get them. There are many things required to make a website successful, and one of the most important is your link structure. Backlinks are the backbone of any linking structure, and getting Wiki backlinks is the pot of gold. If you are not well versed with Wiki backlinks, keep reading. That is what we will be talking about. To know more about simplyhindu click here. 

What Are Wiki Backlinks?

Wiki backlinks are reference links to the site Wikipedia got the information. The main reason why Wiki Backlinks stand out is that the level of authoritativeness Wikipedia has. Wikipedia is in the small bracket with Facebook and YouTube in terms of domain ratings. The main reason why Wikipedia is huge in terms of authoritativeness is that it is used universally. To add to that, the site is comprehensive and has thousands of pages in diverse content. This means that getting a backlink from Wikipedia will be an SEO steroid.

Why did You need to Get Wiki Backlinks?

Several advantages come with backlinks. The most important one is more authoritativeness, by association. Wikipedia is one of the highest-rated domains on the planet, and if they backlink to you, your domain rating will skyrocket. One of the aspects s that are important in webpage authoritativeness rating is the authority, and by being linked by Wikipedia, people in your field will consider you as an authoritative source.

Another reason why Wiki backlinks are gold is that they help you attract more backlinks. People backlink authoritative sources to help them get domain authority and help them climb up Google rankings. This means that by being associated with Wikipedia, your content becomes qualitative, and by backlinking your site, other websites benefit. This will result in a flood of backlinks, and that is also good news for you. The more people backlink your site, the easier it becomes for Google to index it. In the end, you will steadily rise through the Google ranking with ease. 

NB: It is important, though, to note that Wiki backlinks are no-follow backlinks. This is not a big problem, though, because using them will give you a huge advantage.

How to Get Wiki Backlinks

Getting Wiki backlinks is not the easiest task out there, but it can be done. The best way to get a Wiki backlink is by creating content that follows the Wikipedia template. The content should also be as qualitative as possible to enable you to beat the competition. Remember, people write Wikipedia pieces, and if your content is good enough, they are bound to notice and create a backlink for you. Good content on its own is not enough. You also have to strive to get a higher Google rank. This way, you will be easily noticed and will make the pursuit of your Wiki Backlink easier. 

Another way you can easily get backlinks from Wikipedia is to apply to be their editor. By being an editor, you can easily add your backlink to relevant articles. This works, but if you stuff your link, other editors will notice, and it will be struck off.

Getting Wiki backlinks is a gateway to all the nice things on the webspace. Getting one is not easy though you need to be patient. 


Are Wiki Backlinks free?

Yes, you cant buy wiki backlinks

Are Wikibacklink Do follow links?

Wiki backlinks are no follow backlinks

Does Wikipedia have domain authourity?

Wikipedia is ranked as one of the most credible sites