The best Wix SEO: legit or really bad!


What you’ve heard about Wix SEO may not be true!

You may have heard (or read) someone says, “Wix SEO sucks. Never go with them” You are not the only one:

So, I wanted to check the ins and outs of  Wix SEO extensively and let you know our results. I can also show you where we have found vulnerabilities (for certain forms of projects, we will also warn against using Wix).

Where’s Wix SEO negative reputation coming from?

It is accurate that, at first, it was difficult to suggest Wix for SEO. They simply had so many problems that made it impossible to succeed in Google, and other search engines. Any of these previous issues have been:

It’s a bad URL structure. It will add some odd characters to the URL (e.g.!about/xis9). This isn’t SEO friendly at all. But it was resolved in 2016.

It was not possible to incorporate alt attributes (alternative text for images). But now it’s a thing of the past, too.

The blog … yeah, the blog used to be a total nightmare because you could not refine the title tag, the URL, or the meta-description of your articles. Yeah, Terrible! But Wix has patched this during 2016.

Even, back in the day, Wix was based on Flash technologies, and that was bad for SEO, and I mean, very bad.

All of these Wix SEO problems had sunk her name. However, we have to admit that they worked hard and eventually caught up with the perfect site builder alternatives for SEO in 2016.

In 2019, they also introduced a range of advanced SEO options, such as Canonical URLs and Rich Performance, making Wix a leader in SEO website builders.

It’s worth noting that Google (through its senior employee, John Mueller) has confirmed that “WIX websites are working perfectly in the search process.” Also, Rand Fishkin (a well-known SEO supporter and co-founder of MOZ) has been the Wix SEO Hero in a Wix marketing campaign to boost their SEO credibility. More recently, another SEO competition named Wix Lovers vs Wix Haters was introduced.

Titles & Meta Explanations Doesn’t Matter

What’s about Names & Meta Descriptions? Isn’t that important?

Yeah, it is. In particular, I would suggest that you do not use any site builder or CMS framework that does not allow you the power to manually change and edit your metadata for each page.

Not only that the title of the website is one of the key rating considerations, but the titles and meta descriptions are the first impressions of the viewer in the search results.

If you have little power over title and meta descriptions, you won’t be able to properly market yourself and retain your clients.

This isn’t even a concern when it comes to Wix. It was in the initial launch process that Wix did not allow users control of their meta title and description window, but now it does.

Wix allows you complete charge of editing the meta title and definition as in the case of other website builders.

Is Wix OK with SEO?

If your SEO specifications are very simple and limited, and you care for an easy-to-use CMS, then Wix is probably all right. After all, our data shows that Wix pages do not have a rough time rating on Google.

Wix SEO: it will never rank?!

How clean your URL is could be one of the 200 + rating criteria, and I'm not willing to accept that Google would remove a website only because of the dirty URLs. If you're working hard on your content, having excellent connections, and taking care of other rules, you still have a huge chance of outstripping your rivals in search engines. Even, Wix hashbangs and long URLs are a thing of the past. Wix replaced long URLs and hashbangs in 2016 and instead provides personalized URLs. As a result, gain bonus points and perform well with SEO.