World Nomads Travel Insurance Review


Before choosing a travel insurance policy, you should know what it covers. There are many types of travel insurance, and there is often no need to get an expensive procedure. Instead, you can choose one that suits your budget and your needs. You can also look for travel scholarships to help you pay for the travel costs. World Nomads also has a solid social media presence and an engaging website with helpful information.


World Nomads offers a variety of policies to suit your needs. For example, its Standard Plan provides coverage for pre-departure and post-departure medical emergencies and emergency evacuation. It also covers high-risk activities such as zip-lining, camel riding, surfing, and sailing.

Other benefits of World Nomads Travel Insurance include dental coverage. You can buy your policy anytime abroad, and it will be in effect. It also covers you if you must travel home to see a sick relative or send your children back home. Another benefit of World Nomads is that you can renew your policy while on the road. Traveling is a significant benefit because it can be expensive to fly home to get your insurance.

World Nomads also covers emergency dental care. This can be anything from a broken tooth to a severe infection in the mouth. You’ll also receive coverage for medical transport to and from the hospital. You can also choose to receive a lump sum as a beneficiary if something terrible happens while you’re away.


Travelers design World Nomads Travel Insurance for travelers. You can get coverage for a range of activities and specific incidents. Just be sure to read the policy terms and conditions for the exact details of your coverage. There are around 150 different activities that you can take part in under your World Nomads coverage.

The World Nomads plan provides $100,000 in coverage for emergency medical and dental expenses. It also covers up to $500 for hospital admission deposits. There are also two different plans available, the Explorer and the Standard. Each of these plans offers a further limit on specific coverages. The policies also differ regarding emergency evacuation, baggage and personal effects, and trip cancellation.

While many travel insurance companies will cover just about everything, World Nomads offers a unique feature that can make a difference. It covers over 150 activities and will even reimburse you for your expenses if you get sick or injured. It also covers expenses for returning home if you’re unable to work. This can help you pay for the cost of a relative in another country or send your children home to be with their parents.

Look-back period

World Nomads Travel Insurance offers an extended look-back period if you need it. Many insurance companies are rigid, but World Nomads is different. Customers can extend their insurance for a further three months if necessary. World Nomads also has a socially responsible policy. World Nomads customers can donate to nonprofits through the Footprints program. All proceeds are donated to sustainable nonprofits, and World Nomads assumes all administration costs to ensure your money goes to a worthy charity.

Choosing World Nomads travel insurance will protect you against financial strain should you need medical treatment. However, it should be noted that World Nomads travel insurance does not cover medical conditions that were present before the policy’s effective date. It also does not cover emergency medical treatment for pre-existing conditions or treatments received more than two years before the policy’s effective date.

When choosing a travel insurance policy, consider the trip you’re taking. World Nomads is designed for those who want to get out and try new things while traveling. For example, its Standard Plan covers adventure sports such as scuba diving and mountaineering. It also includes coverage for other activities, such as sailing and surfing.


World Nomads Travel Insurance is a good choice for those who want to experience the world while getting great value for their money. This company offers several different travel insurance plans that cover a wide range of needs. You can choose from the Standard, Explorer, or Base Plan. Each program includes other benefits and can be customized for your unique needs.

Among the many benefits, this travel insurance plan covers emergency dental care while you are abroad. This can include anything from a broken tooth to an infection in your mouth. However, it does not cover preventive dental care such as checkups and cleanings. The plan will also provide a lump sum to your beneficiary in case of an accident or unrest. There are some limitations, though, including certain states and countries.

The primary World Nomads package includes 100,000 USD in medical coverage. More expensive policies provide higher amounts of coverage. However, the base package is usually sufficient for most travelers. It also includes coverage for evacuation if you get very sick. Remember, however, that you must provide medical evidence to prove your illness before the insurer approves your policy.