Wyng app: is it your best marketing platform?


What is wyng app?

Wyng app offers a marketing network that enables brands and agencies to create and run digital, mobile, and social campaigns. wyng app was formerly known as the Offerpop Company.

Woobox is one of Wyng ‘s leading rivals. Woobox is an application for social promotion. It lets you run tournaments, polling, and more through the Social Media Marketing Network. People use Woobox to help our clients expand their social footsteps and create a buzz around their products. Woobox generates $4.5 million less revenue than wyng app.

Some pros and cons.

Pros: The software has decent design capabilities for branding, and good ideas to work on when it comes to designing your contest.

Cons: There were several features that we found to be lacking. We had to get support to make some design changes for us from the back end that we were unable to make on our own. We had also not realized that we would not be able to offer a lot of the bonus entry methods that we had hoped to give to our entrants.

Also, the app is designed to assist midsize businesses in retail, cosmetics, travel, and other industries in the development and implementation of digital campaigns.

Wyng app’s features.

1) Get to know your customers

-you can ask customers for their background and permission to

-also, you can provide content, recommendations, and offers only for them.

-Tap or use existing data collection points on your website — product finders, “next best question” prompts, diagnostic quizzes, preference centers, surveys, and more.

-Progressively enrich the Trusted Data Model of your brand in Wyng and feed your existing customer database.

2) Make each moment relevant

  • Using Trusted Data and Machine Learning, we place the most relevant activations on your website and emails — in real-time — at key moments of engagement.
  • Our activation server works with your current website and email system and leverages content from your product catalog as well as user-generated content (UGC) from customers and social media influencers.
  • Your customers will participate by updating their Trusted Data whenever they want, continuously improving their experience with your brand.


Out of 1137 reviews, wyng app got an average of 4.7 stars. That’s very impressive. To get that rate from all these reviewers you must be offering a very successful service!

Down there, I will show you some of the positive and negative reviews that will make you change your mind.

  • We used Offerpop to run social media competitions, mainly on Facebook, as well as view user-generated content on our websites. The content created by the user is aggregated on a single page on the website. We can connect the images to the items that are worn so that the user can click on the products and go to the product information page to buy them.
  • Offerpop was the solution I needed to build a Facebook campaign for the Asheville Tourist Office. I used the platform to help grow the base of followers and host special contests. At the time, Facebook rules ruled that you weren’t allowed to host timeline promotions (like or comment to win, etc.), so I wanted a way to quickly host complicated campaigns. After analyzing all the goods on the market, I realized that Offerpop was the perfect option at the right price point.

So, after all, it’s a pretty good app and we would recommend it.


Who are the usual Wyng users?

Wyng app has the following traditional customers: start-ups, small to medium-sized businesses, agencies, enterprises.

What operating system is supported by Wyng?

Wyng supports the following operating system: Mobile Client, Windows

What is the sort of deployment?

Wyng has a cloud-based implementation.