18 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Myths and Facts


SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION is no more a hidden skill. It has developed well in earlier 10 years and many things have got changed around in the functioning of search engines and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION techniques. The best as well as Most detrimental thing about SEO is always that techniques in SEO change often but the goal remains precisely the same to get Quality traffic from search engines.

In these advancements you will discover a few old or declare outdated stories related to web optimization that are there on the Internet which might be no more than a myth, Consequently, in this article, we will be discussing them.

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Myth 1) “Using picture links instead of written text links is bad SEO”

Fact 1) Many people short-cuts on that and destroys their website design just to alter picture links into text message link as they believe in this myth but the fact is that it’s completely wrong. Search engines equally give the inclination to image links merely you have to make sure that you have applied the proper alt tag inside the image links.

Myth 2) “I can secure our web page from search engines by having that web page link inside Robots.txt with refuse tag”

Fact 2) Once more this is a myth that in such cases you have used Robots. txt and have used disallow marking for the web page but still when search engine bots find an outside link to that web page and then bots may crawl into your web page making it insecure. Therefore the best way to protect your website from bots is to choose your web page password protected since bots can not bypass code security.

Myth 3) “My website will only be indexed in the search engines in search engines if I will send my website to them”

Fact 3) No, that is a myth as your website might also get Indexed from the additional incoming links to your website posted by websites. In the case of SEO, receiving indexed from external arriving links is the preferred tool for getting indexed and then uploading the site to search engines.

Myth 4) “SEO is an easy job”

Fact 4) Well in the present world of the Internet, SEO isn’t as easy as it used to be in past years. Now Yahoo and google have gone clever and can even give punishment to you for using technique tricks.

Myth 5) “SEO is all about getting higher PUBLIC REALTIONS (Page Rank) “

Fact 5) If you are thinking that SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION is all about PR then you are usually wrong. SEO is to get Top quality Traffic on your website. It could be in terms of Faithful readers or perhaps Potential Customers. If you are not getting Top quality visitors on your high pr website then the page rank of your respective website is of no use.

Myth 6) “Web Sites that will use JavaScript get penalized”

Fact 6) Search engines are generally not that dumb that they will prohibit you from using common technology. However their robots won’t be able to follow the backlinks via JavaScript, So it’s constantly a better idea to use very simple HTML hyper-links along with JavaScript so that bots can easily examine your website.

Myth 7) “All visitors land up on the leading page of my website”

Fact 7) Search Engines allow merit to each page over the internet individually and give them consumer credit on the basis of the content on this page. So visitors will probably directly land on the website that has corresponding information the fact that visitor is searching for inside search engine.

Myth 8) “A flash website has no potential for getting good SEO”

Fact 8) Well this is a natural myth that a flash webpage can’t get a good SEO. However, you will get fewer options for advertising that but that doesn’t design that you can’t do very good SEO for that. There are above 100 factors that you can continue to work on for getting good SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION for that flash page.

Myth 9) “Using Meta Tag words with lots of keywords helps in having higher page rank”

Fact 9) Although Meta Marking has played a remarkable role in the past for WEB OPTIMIZATION now search engines are wiser than before, So you should solely use relevant data with Meta Tags instead of gas it with keywords. Should your Meta Tags not right for your content then your website is usually punished by search engines as necessary.

Myth 10) “Positions in the SERPs are guaranteed”

Fact 10) It’s not true that upon having achieved a high position from search engines then that situation will never go down but still should you have done good SEO and then it will always give you some great results.

Myth 11) “SEO companies guarantee that web page you need to promote will come first online search result”

Fact 11) Nobody can guarantee which five websites will come up in Yahoo and google top 10, this is a sales approach of SEO companies that try to get more customers. Online Help Center it is plainly stated that “No anybody can guarantee rankings in Google. inches. Google has over 190 rules to determine results.

MYTH 12) “Repeating keyword in the web page content will get a larger rank of web page for your keyword in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages)”

Fact 12) This is absolutely inappropriate, Search engines have gone smarter. In the event you repeat the same keyword within your content then you will not only ruin the content of your web page you could also be flagged as a Junk e-mail site via search engines.

Myth 13) “When our website can get enough visitors then we are going to think of doing its SEO”

Fact 13) Isn’t which funny? But it’s correct I have dealt with many clients that have reacted in this way when I offered them the proposal with regard to SEO. They might be suffering from the condition of “Chicken before the egg” syndrome.

Myth 14) “Trading link with any website will help my website in order to rank higher in the search engine”

Fact 14) If you are getting the link back from a website that doesn’t are part of your website then the visitors visiting your website won’t be interested in a person’s website content and that will increase the bounce rate within your website and links you happen to be placed on your website for another internet site that doesn’t belong to the content concept of your website, then you might even unfasten visitors because of that.

Myth 15) “Sitelinks only appear on the websites with high PR (Page rank)

Fact 15) Sitelinks are automatically generated by simply search engines on the basis of traffic how the websites are getting. Sitelinks are generally auto-generated and only present site links for results any time Search Engines think they’ll be necessary to the user. You can’t do anything throughout site links except block these people from being displayed.

Myth 16) “I should always look at another site’s Page-rank ahead of I link to them or maybe ask that website for you to the owner to link me”

Fact 16) will which helps your visitors? Link to websites that your website visitors might be thinking about and only ask for those site owners to link you back again whose website visitors might be thinking about the content of your website.

Myth17) “Website with greater PR (Page Rank) will invariably rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages)”.

Fact 17) You should always keep in mind that Page Rank is just 1 requirement for SERP there are more than 200 criteria for that. In case search engines think that the website along with lower PR (Page Rank) has more relevant content for your keyword than the website along with higher PR (Page Rank) then the website with reduced PR (Page Rank) will certainly rank higher in SERP.

Myth 18) “We should location our all keywords within H1 tags”

Fact 18) Using Header tags is definitely helpful in SEO but if you are utilizing an H1 tag multiple times on your own web page then search engines could punish your website for that.

At this point, these were the few misguided beliefs that we have discussed in this article. I am sure that you will be capable of overcoming these misguided beliefs and making your website a great deal better for visitors of your internet sites as well as for Search engines.

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