A Date With the Devil – A Harry Potter Parody


Kira Adams excels at handling complex topics gracefully and sensibly while not shying away from more gritty details. A Date With the Devil is another incredible book by her.

Austen Marlowe thought she understood jocks from high school, but when the stunningly handsome hockey star Dane DeHardt demands her attention, she must decide if she can resist or let him rule her heart.

Hermione is going through a hard time. She has an insane thirst for sex. Unsuccessful attempts to seduce Ron and Harry have wholly exhausted her. She goes to a secret room and meets a monster with tentacles.

Hermione has an intense yearning for physical intimacy that she cannot satisfy alone. Trying to seduce Ron and Harry repeatedly without success, Hermione becomes increasingly frustrated about being alone without an attractive or popular man in her friend group – telling Ginny how tired she is of being the only girl without one of those types.

Hermione Granger, better known by her nickname Hermione, is one of the brightest witches at Hogwarts and strives to surpass everyone in intelligence and skill. Although sometimes arrogant about this fact, Hermione believes she deserves her place at the head of her class because of all that she excels in doing.

Hermione excels at following directions and absorbing knowledge, which makes her excellent at potions. However, Snape makes for a better professor because he has greater flexibility when thinking critically and flexibly – breaking the rules while synthesizing ideas to develop creative innovations – something Hermione cannot.

Hermione has also struggled with being the sole non-white member of her social circle. She finds it hard to understand how they can ignore her simply due to her skin color, and it hurts her immensely that they do not respect or value her opinions and contributions just because they don’t believe they come from whiteness. She has dealt with it ever since she was young, which continues to hurt even today.

Hermione may not like being the only non-white person in her group, but she has no choice. As a good student and daughter of two well-off parents, Hermione knows it is her responsibility to excel academically and make friends easily – although sometimes this means working harder than expected and sometimes putting aside personal desires for the sake of others’ happiness. Therefore, she remains at 12 Grimmauld Place when Harry is away on business as evidence of her dedication to maintaining her friendships.

Hermione falls into a hole.

After failing to seduce Ron and Harry, Hermione decided to take matters into her own hands. She headed to a secret room, sneaking through an opening into an underground cellar where she met a tentacle monster promising they’d take her virginity and satisfy her desire. So delighted was Hermione that she began screaming with joy.

She attempted to escape but failed. Finally, she realized that the only way out was licking the tentacle monster as hard as she could; this made him angry enough to start screaming before using his tentacles to grab her and start fucking with her! This made her extremely happy—so much so that she continued squealing with joy until he began to fissure her tentacles with such joyous force that it forced him off her.

Hermione had long thought Divination was unnecessary and boring; Lavender, on the other hand, had always taken great joy in it despite Hermione’s misgivings. When Divination Professor Trelawney warns Hermione of something awful happening on a particular date, Hermione puts two and two together and understands this meant she must give up her virginity before it happens.

Unfortunately, Hermione was unprepared for this ‘dreadful thing’ and found herself in difficulty when she fell through an opening that connected Draco Malfoy’s apartment to Hers. Due to the gap in the wall, she could hear his voice more loudly than usual despite it.

Hermione attempted to escape again, but this time, she tripped over her feet and fell into an even more bottomless pit. This time, however, an even more enormous tentacle monster with more aggressive tentacles began sexually masturbating Hermione, as had been imagined in her dreams. She felt fulfilled that, finally, her desires had come true!

This parody offers an entertaining look at what would have occurred had Dumbledore and his army used guns instead of wands to arm themselves against Voldemort and Voldemort’s army. Please be warned, however, that this video contains content unsuitable for children; nevertheless, it remains highly entertaining and humorous!

Hermione meets the tentacle monster.

Harry Potter movies have long been the focus of mockery and ridicule from critics and comedians. These have included television programs and online platforms; more inflammatory ones have even been banned by Warner Bros. Studios, which produced them.

Step one in creating a Harry Potter parody is finding an appropriate song. Make sure it has a good melody and lyrics that match those from its source material; check syllables and rhymes of its source song where possible; once found, ensure that its words suit the target audience of your parody.

If you feel uncomfortable using vulgar language in your Harry Potter parody, alternative phrases to replace “sex,” such as “fuck”, “horny,” or “hot,” can be used instead. Furthermore, be wary about including inappropriate racial slurs and making jokes about sexual violence or suicide in your film.

Parodies of the Harry Potter series can be defined as works of fiction that make light of its storyline, such as short films or graphic novels. Many media outlets such as South Park and Saturday Night Live have done this with their franchises; their books and movies have even been adapted into radio dramas and television series adaptations.

Furious Molecules has made one of the most celebrated Harry Potter parodies on YouTube with a video called Hand Puppets from Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, and Voldemort, which has garnered over 108 Million views on YouTube. Another iconic parody can be seen in an episode of Pinky and Perky Show where Nev the Bear travels to the School of Magic and Magic Stuff, where he meets an assortment of characters representing significant players from the Harry Potter series, including Harry Trotter himself!

This Harry Potter parody ends with a humorous and enjoyable battle between He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and the Boy Who Lived using only words as weapons in an entertaining verbal battle that showcases both fighters’ impressive fighting techniques. It makes for a fantastic ending scene!

Hermione is fucked by the tentacle monster.

Hermione’s fantasies grew increasingly vivid as her imagination ran rampant, dreaming up tentacle panties and hentai tentacle sex that left her wetter and more aroused than before. She ventured deeper into the realm of slime tentacles until she could control them for pleasure, becoming the tentacle queen herself! She loved every minute.

Hermione dreamt that Gabrielle woke her up, naked and drenched with sweat, trying to hold onto the handle of Hermione’s wand so as to prevent herself from falling off, but was unsuccessful because her talons kept becoming stuck in its wick, being torn apart by tentacle monsters, until finally realizing that falling off would mean certain death for herself and Gabrielle.

She realized her sexual fantasies controlled her, acting on them against anything and anyone she wanted – with the only person she couldn’t seduce being herself.

So she decided to break out of the castle. She sneaked out of the library and into a dark room where she saw a sign reading ‘Tentacle Monster Dungeon.’ Walking in, she was pulled in by the tentacle monster’s tentacles, which penetrated her mouth and tentacles as she screamed with pain from stabbing.

After she finished being fucked, she set out in search of Harry. Luckily she managed to escape from the tentacle monster dungeon without further incident before discovering it was full of other tentacle monsters who then proceeded to fuck her.

Hermione Granger has been the subject of many parodies, ranging from self-published fan fiction and YouTube videos to celebrities spoofing her character. One such popular parody video on YouTube featuring Hermione is Annoying Orange’s video “Harry Potter and Hermione’s Big Fat Squid,” which has received over 108 Million views to date.