A NEET’s Guide to the Parallel World Chapter 1


Bullied and victimized protagonists turn on reality by leaving reality and being transported into another dimension, where they encounter themselves being thrust into another reality and end up as healers among heroes despite not wanting to. He plans on subjugating the demon king. I was so eager to get this game underway. I was beyond delighted! This was how most of the isekai series began. I was beyond thrilled.


A NEET’s Guide to the Parallel World Chapter 1 is an intriguing fantasy tale filled with captivating characters and an engaging plot, exploring themes of discovery, self-discovery, and symbolic meaning that provide layers of meaning in this compelling narrative.

Meet the protagonist of this captivating story – a high school student summoned into another realm and forced into battle as a Hero. Witness his struggles and triumphs while trying to save his world from destruction. Meet other characters who help or hinder him on this quest, explore their relationships, and discover crucial moments that set the scene for further events in this epic fantasy series. Decode key events and twists for maximum suspense!


Hidako Masamune was bullied relentlessly at school. Finally fed up, he attempted to commit suicide, only for fate to have other plans for him: they are transported into another world along with their classmates, where they discover RPG-esque skills and statuses were bestowed on each of them – with the protagonist only receiving healer skills as their status (considered weak by most). When this reality sets in, King Ramyun banishes him into another distant universe – vowing revenge against both him and his classmates while vowing revenge against both. Is he solid?

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