Answer The Public Keyword Research – Use the best answer to the public to grab more traffic


Answer The Public Keyword Research –  is one of the important activities when it comes to SEO. Answer the public keyword research is the tool that visualizes the search questions and provides auto-suggested searches in an image, which is known as the search cloud. Not only for SEO, even for SEM to keyword research, is important. With the right tool and keyword, you can connect with your customers who are searching for the services and products. Being a digital marketer, I use this tool and found it very easy and effective. By using this tool, I have successfully connected with so many customers.


If you provide quality content and well-crafted advertisement automatically, customers will be attracted to your pages. A content strategy will help to attract your traffic. It will improve your landing pages as well. For those who are new to this field and do not have many ideas about the Answer the public keyword research, I want to share some information with them about this tool.


How to access the tool


When I start using the Answer the public keyword research tool, I started using the free version. In the free version of this tool, there is no particular number of free searches. This amount varies from one search to another, and this is based on the traffic and the tool usage. Later I used the paid version. The cost of the paid subscription pro plan is $99 per month. This will provide you with more flexibility


  • Daily searches are unlimited
  • Location and language-based results (for example, french in Canada, french in France)
  • Team members are unlimited
  • Hide the individual suggestion from visuals and reports
  • Compare your data and get all the new suggestions
  • Hide all the unwanted sections from the visualizations and reports
  • You can access the save the report anytime


The best part of the content marketing tool, i.e. Answer the public keyword research is, it provides the result in a visual form, which is known as the cloud. From the cloud, the marketer gets the classified results into the categories which correspond to the 5Ws and ‘are,’ ‘can’, ‘will’, and ‘how’ questions. Let me give you an example so that you would understand my point better.

Answer The Public Keyword Research – Suppose you own a digital marketing agency, and your main job is to provide support to your clients. Your one client is from the automobile industry, who appoint you to improve their sales. You can use the Answer the public keyword research tool just to find out about the potential customer who is looking for the next car and use a tool just to select the specific keywords. It will help you to design the content to improve the car sale.


Why is it important for marketers?

The importance of this tool are,

  • This helps you to know your audience better
  • Helps you to get more traffic
  • Optimize the keyword research
  • Improve the conversations
  • This tool helps you to improve the content marketing strategy


Benefits of this tool

  • With the help of this system or tool, you can understand your audience better.
  • Optimize your long-tail keyword
  • Optimize your keyword research
  • Improve the conversation with the public
  • Last but not least, we can say this tool will help you in a real search, and you can target the right audience. This type of tool helps you to generate more traffic.


Is the Answer the public keyword is paid?

It comes in free and paid version both.

Is it helpful to improve traffic?

Yes, this tool will help to increase organic traffic.

What is the name of the visual form?

It is known as a cloud.