Find out why best Google Keyword Discovery Tool is important?


For SEO, Google Keyword Discovery Tool is one of the best components. Without keyword research, you can’t start Seo or search engine optimization. How important keyword research? It’s very important.  You have to research well because if you can’t research properly then your competitors become gainer.

Keyword means search term if you will analyze and identify proper search terms for your service or product and you will add those at website, content, blog site, and advertisement then it will provide you several benefits. The more your keyword will rank, the more you will get benefits from it.

Advantages of Google Keyword Discovery Tool

There are different types of advantages you will get from Google Keyword Discovery Tool. Using this tool, you will get all the suggested keywords that are related to your business. It provides you with suggestions and also their current position, search terms, and quantity. You will get monthly and yearly statistical records as well.

Check those reports, research, and then get the best and top competitive keywords that people searched more at major search engines like Google. This is completely made by Google and you can find keywords for any type of business whenever you need.

You don’t need to pay a single amount for this. Yes, this is a completely free service offered by Google. Whether you are an SEO student or professional, you should know about the Google Keyword Discovery Tool. Use this tool and discover new keywords easily. Find the keywords and choose the best deal as well.

How to search and get proper keywords?

You can easily use Google Keyword Discovery Tool to get the suggested keywords list. First, you need to add your website link and then suggest keywords. You have to add your business description within 1-2 lines and get all the top keywords which searched most in Google. You can check their search term, view details, and click details as well. Based on that you have to choose the top 10 or 20 keyword lists for your website and start using SEO. For Digital Marketing, a keyword is an important tool.

Discovering proper keyword ki very important. If you want to grow your business online then choosing proper keywords is very important. For SEO professionals, it is also a very important part. If you want to advertise or marketing your product or services online using content, video, or images, you have to know proper keywords.

Steps that you will identify

During keyword research using Google Keyword Discovery Tool, you will find the following information.

Search volume – This column represents the monthly total search volume. Within Google how many people or how many times this gives keyword searched that explained clearly.

Check competition – Next column you will find the competition option. This metric provides you with information about how competitive a keyword is! The keyword will show as low, medium, and high rank. You need to check and then select.

CPC – This is the cost per click. For those who are looking for a paid search, they have to know keyword costs. You will understand how much you need to pay every time you got clicked.

Opportunity score – This is another best one, opportunity score. This will prioritize workflow and adjust the advertisement.


Is Google Keyword Discovery Tool is free?

Yes, this tool is completely free.

Do I need to add a website link to get the keywords list?

It's optional, you can add a website link or your business related products name

How many keywords I can check?

There is no limit to this! You can check as much as you want!