Apollo 110cc Dirt Bike Review


This bike is perfect for beginners, as its balance between power and control makes it user-friendly and popular among dirt bike training schools. Additionally, its front telescopic fork and rear mono-shock suspension help absorb shock from rough terrains to provide a more comfortable riding experience.


The Apollo 110cc dirt bike is an elite children’s motorcycle designed with advanced features and design. Equipped with semi-automatic transmission and reliable kick-start engine technology, upgraded heavy-duty chain, performance sprocket, and hydraulic disk brakes to ensure safe riding over rugged terrain, this premium kids’ bike provides superior features and design.

This kid’s motorcycle is specially designed to help young riders develop their riding and handling skills. Featuring an easy-to-use four-speed semi-auto transmission and kick-start engine, this lightweight ride makes a perfect introduction for novice bike riders just beginning their learning experience. High ground clearance and stable handlebars create a smooth experience, while its lightweight nature helps kids who are still developing balance to enjoy it safely.

With its reliable four-stroke engine and sturdy frame, the DB34 110cc pit bike is an excellent way for kids to develop their cycling skills. Capable of reaching 45mph top speeds, its high ground clearance enables it to navigate rough terrains and off-road obstacles effortlessly; its moderate 30-inch seat height is ideal for teens as well as younger riders; its non-adjustable front forks and mono-shock rear suspension keep maintenance to a minimum ensuring years of worry-free use!

The DB34 was constructed to last, featuring a durable steel frame and strong cranks. Powered by an efficient 4-stroke engine that runs quietly yet provides more power than other kids’ bikes in its price range, its durable rims and tires offer additional stability, while hydraulic disc brakes provide powerful stopping power on uneven surfaces and inclines.

The DB34 stands out as an outstanding kids’ motorcycle with its top-quality components and reasonable cost, making it an excellent option for growing families who require something versatile that will grow with their child. Plus, with its 90-day warranty protection plan, you can rest easy knowing your investment is safe.


The Apollo 110cc dirt bike is an ideal way to enter the sport for both kids and beginners, offering high-quality Honda clone engines, durable steel frames, and upgraded forks – not to mention heavy-duty chains and performance sprockets that provide easy maintenance for its low maintenance design. Even beginners can quickly become adept riders.

Aesthetically, the Apollo 110cc dirt bike boasts a sleek and stylish design. Its black frame, polished handlebars, and red accents give it a modern appearance; rear disc brakes provide excellent stopping power; front disc brakes enable smooth braking action and its powerful engine and large wheels make maneuvering around uneven terrain much more straightforward than previously.

One reason the Apollo Dirt Bike has become such a hit among riders is its affordability. Its price is much more affordable than competing brands, making it more suitable for beginner riders with limited funds or no desire for costly bikes. Furthermore, its maintenance and repair requirements make it a practical solution.

Apollo dirt bikes are known for their superior performance and reliability, catering to various skill levels, from beginners to experts alike. You’re sure to find one to fit your needs no matter your skill level – be mindful of your budget; cheaper models tend to be less dependable, while higher-priced bikes could come with technical issues or be susceptible to wear-and-tear over time.

While the Apollo 110cc dirtbike offers many benefits to riders, some riders might be skeptical of its quality. By selecting an attractively designed model instead, riders will enjoy years of reliable use without experiencing recurring issues. Furthermore, you have 30 days from receipt of purchase to return it and provide evidence of good condition before doing so; check seller warranty policies as well.


One reason Apollo dirt bikes are so popular is that they offer robust performance at an accessible price, making them perfect for beginner riders looking to enter the sport without breaking their budget. Furthermore, these bikes are user-friendly with user-friendly features, making maintenance more straightforward while making riding more accessible for people without technical know-how.

The Apollo 110cc bike is an excellent option for new riders due to its sturdy construction and powerful engine. Capable of climbing steep trails or racing down mountainous terrains, this durable machine comes equipped with high-quality front forks and mono-shock rear end for a smooth ride while its 4-speed semi-automatic transmission eliminates clutch operation learning requirements and features hydraulic disc brakes for consistent and reliable stopping power.

Contrary to some other dirt bikes, this one is built with safety in mind. Constructed using top-grade materials and subjected to stringent testing for reliability, this model also features essential safety features like handguards and engine kill switches for added peace of mind – perfect for beginner riders and kids.

This dirt bike boasts a powerful engine and oversized tires, ideal for riders seeking to push themselves on rugged terrain. Capable of reaching 70 MPH speeds, making it one of the fastest models on the market; particularly useful when competing in motocross races.

Apollo dirt bikes stand out from other brands by their affordability. Relative to other models, their costs are considerably less while still offering comparable power and performance – making them an excellent option for beginners who are just getting into this sport.

Apollo dirt bikes are well known for their affordable prices, high quality, and durability, featuring sturdy materials designed to withstand even the toughest of environments and last for many years. Furthermore, their user-friendly components make repairs or replacements easier for even non-mechanically inclined people.


The Apollo DB-X 4 110cc Dirt Bike is an ideal option for beginning or intermediate riders who are searching for a quality bike at an exceptional value. Equipped with upgraded front and rear disc brakes for enhanced stopping power and featuring heavy-duty chain and performance sprocket components that outshone those found on other bikes within its price range, the Apollo offers excellent stopping power at a very reasonable cost.

Some individuals may worry that the quality of these dirt bikes manufactured in China might be subpar; however, while Chinese products tend to be less costly than their counterparts from other manufacturers, they still feature components imported from other countries, including Japan and Italy.

Apollo Bicycle Company may be relatively new, but they’ve made quite an impression in the cycling community with their attractive prices and outstanding performance, which have drawn both experienced riders and newcomers.

Notably, unlike many brands, Polaris designs and tests its products – giving it an edge over the competition and making this factor essential when selecting your next rider.

Apollo dirt bikes stand out as being both durable and user-friendly in terms of maintenance. Their engines are made with top-of-the-line materials that can withstand rugged use on rough terrain, while their sturdy steel frames offer exceptional shock absorption during crashes or drops.

Apollo bikes are also simple to find and repair for those without mechanical knowledge; their spare parts can easily be purchased online or from local dealers. Although Apollo bikes offer many advantages, they do have some drawbacks, among them being not being suitable for professional racing and their lower resale value than competing brands; nevertheless, these drawbacks won’t deter most casual riders.