Best SMG Warzone


Considering that there are so many different SMGs out there, it’s difficult to choose which one is the best. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of some of the best SMGs out there. These SMGs have been hand picked by our staff for their excellent performance.


MAC-10 is one of the most popular SMGs in Call of Duty: Warzone. With good mobility, low recoil, and high rate of fire, it’s one of the most powerful SMGs in the game.

While the MAC-10 has undergone several nerfs since its release, it’s still a great SMG. It’s easy to control and has good stopping power. It also has a high rate of fire, which allows it to burn through bullets quickly.

The best MAC-10 loadouts are designed to improve mobility, and make the gun even more lethal. This will allow you to outmanoeuvre opponents and burn through your targets.

The MAC-10 is also one of the easiest weapons to use in Warzone. Its low recoil and high rate of fire make it a great weapon to use in close-quarters situations. Its large magazine allows it to fire off multiple bursts of fire, which is perfect for taking out multiple enemies.

OTs 9

OTs 9 is one of the newest SMGs in Warzone. It’s a powerful weapon that has a low recoil, and excellent mobility. In addition, it has a fast rate of fire and can be paired with several attachments. OTs 9 can be used in both Duo and Solo mode, and is one of the most effective weapons for close-range gunfights.

OTs 9 is a fast-firing submachine gun that can be used with various attachments. These attachments can strengthen OTs 9’s capabilities, as well as increase its range and mobility. Some of the best attachments include the GRU Suppressor, which improves the speed and range of bullets, and the Task Force Barrel, which boosts damage and strafe speed.


Using the CX-9 in Warzone can be a blast. With great attachments and a quick reload time, this weapon is perfect for close combat situations. It’s also a great choice for objective play in tight areas.

A recent buff to the SMG has allowed it to take down enemies in close range. This is good news for close-range battles, especially in the Caldera and Fortune’s Keep maps. However, it’s also important to note that CX-9 won’t do well in long range gunfights.

The best CX-9 loadout will feature a fast reload time, a massive magazine, and a laser. It’s also a good idea to use a 5mW laser to make aiming easier.

VEL 46

VEL 46 is one of the best SMG warzone weapons for players who want to snipe, hunt, or kill quickly. It’s light and compact, and it has a 4.6x30mm bullet that causes high damage. However, it does have moderate recoil and is not recommended for use in long range combat.

The best VEL 46 loadout is one that has a high fire rate and excellent recoil control. It’s also a good idea to add a stock to your weapon. This will help reduce recoil and increase your movement speed. It’s also important to add a larger magazine to your VEL 46. A 50-round mag will give you an extra 100 bullets in reserve. This will allow you to shoot more than one enemy at a time.


Whether you play Warzone or not, you will have seen that SMGs are the best weapon category. These weapons are known for their incredible rate of fire, laser like accuracy and overall performance. They are also known for destroying opponents quickly. These weapons are great for whizzing around Rebirth Island, Fortune’s Keep and other large maps.

There are many SMGs to choose from in Warzone, but the one that stands out is the MP5. MP5 is a fully automatic weapon and has the best TTK of any of the SMGs. It also has a low recoil, making it very manageable.

The best MP5 loadout includes a Monolithic Integral Suppressor, which increases the range of the weapon, while also improving recoil management. Similarly, a Merc Foregrip boosts the accuracy of hip fire.

Vanguard PPSh-41

PPSh-41 is a submachine gun that is a part of the Call of Duty: Vanguard weapon pool. It was released in the game on December 8, 2021. It is a great weapon for players who prefer close range combat. PPSh-41 is a reliable weapon that offers solid damage output at close ranges.

The PPSh-41 has a large magazine, making it a viable weapon for players looking to eliminate opponents in a hurry. It also has a high rate of fire. This makes it one of the most popular SMGs in Warzone. PPSh-41 is also one of the few weapons that can deal five-shot elimination when a headshot is fired.