The Best Survival Games


Whether you are looking for a game that will give you hours of entertainment or you want to experience a new way to play a video game, there are plenty of great survival games that can meet your needs. Here is a list of some of the best games on the market, in no particular order.


Whether you are a movie buff, a zombie fan or just looking for some action-packed fun, there are some zombie games that you should check out. Zombieland: AFK Survival is an all-out zombie-smashing adventure game that lets you collect all sorts of devastating equipment. It’s also got a lot of new locations to explore.

Zombieland is a post-apocalyptic American universe where the zombies are on the prowl. You can form a squad of your favorite movie characters and explore the world as you attempt to survive. Zombieland: AFK survival is an adventure game that will have you running from zombies and fighting them in a variety of locations.


Among the countless survival games out there, Terraria is one of the best. Not only does it offer players an incredibly large map to explore, but it also features a powerful crafting system and a wide variety of enemies to fight.

Terraria is a 2D action-adventure sandbox game. It has a beautiful pixel art style that makes it look like a Zelda game, but it also has modern building mechanics. It also features an impressive crafting system, two dozen biomes to explore, and unique boss encounters.

Don’t Starve

Whether you’re playing alone or with friends, the best survival games require you to find food and fend off enemies. While these games aren’t new, their popularity has increased in recent years. Whether you’re trying to survive in a harsh wilderness or you’re trying to survive in a deserted island, there are a few titles that will challenge your wits and test your skills.

Raft is a fun desert island game that features a similar survival mechanic to Don’t Starve. It begins with a small plank and gradually builds floating homes. It feels polished and despite its simple look, it’s got plenty of challenges to keep you busy.

Project Zomboid

Developed by The Indie Stone, Project Zomboid is a zombie survival simulation. Set in Knox County, a quarantined region of Kentucky, the game’s characters are “survivors” who have been forced to live in an area teeming with zombies. Survivors must protect themselves, stockpile supplies and build up their survival base.

The game has a sandbox environment, a set of fixed challenge scenarios, and a multiplayer mode. Each player can choose a starting town and character traits. The game’s realism is underscored by the fact that most “survivors” will die. Survivors must monitor hunger, sleep cycles and water consumption to survive.

State of Decay 2

Earlier this year, developer Undead Labs released State of Decay 2, an updated version of their hit zombie survival game. This time around, they opted for realism rather than the flashy comic book style of the first game.

State of Decay 2 is an intense zombie survival game that puts players in charge of a group of survivors who must fight off a blood plague horde. The game is played from a third-person perspective. Each character has a unique backstory and passive abilities. In addition to the usual combat, State of Decay 2 also introduces base-building, looting, and trade.


Among all of the survival games available, Subnautica is the best. The gameplay is creative and the setting is stunning. The game is a great way to experience the ocean’s wonders. It also has some flaws.

It’s not a horror game, but it does have some of the most memorable moments. One of the most memorable moments of Subnautica is the anxiety you feel while you’re traversing the deep sea caves. The feeling of being lost in the ocean is one that is reinforced throughout the game.


Developed by Tokyo-based developer POCKET PAIR, Craftopia is an early access title with a few good features to keep you occupied for hours. The open world game offers a good variety of games for all skill levels and ages, and has a good selection of items to earn.

Craftopia does a good job of delivering a colorful and engaging world to explore. There are multiple objectives for players to fulfill, such as mining, capturing and breeding animals, crafting, and building automated systems.


Until December 2019, Cuisine Royale was a brutal multiplayer MMO last-man-standing shooter. The game featured lethal mystic forces and incredible superpowers. But the game didn’t take off like Fortnite or PUBG. That’s why it was relaunched under a new name in 2020.

This new game is a spin-off of Cuisine Royale. It features the same game mechanics and gameplay. However, it now feels like a weirder, younger brother.

The game is available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It’s a free to play game, but you can buy cosmetic items for your character. You can also buy Battle Passes, which include extra skins, XP rewards, and other benefits. You can also buy in-game currency, which can be used to unlock new characters or skills.