google webmaster tools code

Google Webmaster Tools code: your complete best guide

What is Google webmaster tools code? Before we talk about google webmaster tools code, let’s know what is google webmaster tools code is? Google Webmaster Tools is a free service that lets you assess and maintain the success of your website in search results (1). Offered as a free service to anyone who owns a …

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The best Wix SEO: legit or really bad!

What you’ve heard about Wix SEO may not be true! You may have heard (or read) someone says, “Wix SEO sucks. Never go with them” You are not the only one: So, I wanted to check the ins and outs of  Wix SEO extensively and let you know our results. I can also show you …

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rank math tutorial

Rank math tutorial: set up your website’s best SEO now

In this rank math tutorial, we will teach you how to use the Rank Math setup wizard to set up some of the required SEO rules on your website. These rules/settings are important for optimum SEO efficiency, and the configuration wizard makes it simple to set up a step-by-step procedure. Rank math tutorial: Star Configuration …

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