CM Browser Review


The CM Browser is a web browser developed by Cheetah Mobile and supported by WebKit and Trident. In addition, it offers some advanced functions such as Ad-blocking functionality and a Clean Trace feature to help keep your privacy safe from leakage.

Ad-blocking functionality

The ad-blocking functionality of CM Browser is a great way to avoid ads, pop-ups, and banners. It also helps you avoid malware and other malicious websites.

Ad-Blockers are browser extensions that intercept ads-related traffic to block trackers from generating data while the user accesses the Internet. Those extensions can be employed as built-in functionality, or users can use them as filters.

Several ad-blocking apps have appeared in the mobile market. Some of them are free, but others have a subscription fee. This is a sign of growing popularity.

Among the more popular ad-blocking apps are Adblock Plus and Cygery Adskip. These programs help block ads and pop-ups, but not all will provide the complete feature set.

CM Browser offers an ad-blocking function that is easy to use. It blocks ad-related pop-ups, banners, and videos. You can even allow specific types of pop-ups and cookies.

Aside from the ad-blocking functionality, CM Browser has various other features that can enhance your browsing experience. For example, it can help you download online videos and has an incognito mode that allows you to browse the Internet without tracking.

Security checks on downloads

CM browser is an Android app that provides a super fast browsing experience. The software boasts numerous features, including a page translator and an Adblocker. It can also help you reduce your data use. Aside from that, it can help you find and download your favorite videos.

As the name implies, CM is a lightweight, sleek, minimal browser. It occupies less than two megabytes of memory. Also, it comes with a fancy interface that includes gesture controls and personalized bookmarks.

CM’s nifty tongue twist is that it uses a clever little thing called a ‘preload mechanism’ to speed up web browsing. That is, it checks a list of pages against malicious sites. With the help of this feature, you can rest assured that no data will be stored locally. You can even customize your download destination.

CM also offers a slew of security features. For instance, it is built with an antivirus engine to protect your device against malware and other harmful code. Plus, it can also help prevent you from downloading apps from outside of Google Play.

Speed up Internet

One of the most incredible things about CM Browser is that it helps you speed up your internet connection. The app has a built-in Ads blocker, meaning you won’t be bombarded with ads unless you want to be. Also, CM Browser will notify you of any pop-ups on your screen and will give you a warning if you click them. You can also enjoy many features,, including speed dialing, local weather updates, and web browsing acceleration.

CM Browser is an Android application that comes with a suite of features. Some coolest include a built-in Ads blocker, customizable speed dials, local weather updates, and web browsing acceleration. In addition, it has a neat interface that helps keep your device running smoothly and free of bugs.

There are many mobile browsers, but the CM browser has a few features that set it apart. From the app’s neat interface to its cleverly concealed pop-up blocker, it’s a pleasure to use.