Pulte Homes Ratings – What You Need to Know


Pulte Homes is a viral home builder in the country and has many different homes on their site. Fortunately, the company has a unique rating system to help you select the right home for anyone looking to purchase a new home.

BBB rating

If you’re a fan of the finer things in life, you’re probably already aware that Pulte Homes has a BBB rating. Although the company is no stranger to bankruptcy, its recent history has helped to improve its operations.

For starters, the company has a new management team that is more professional than the previous incarnation. Additionally, they have put a lot of money into the homebuilding business. This includes a company-wide training program, many nationwide employees, and an inventory of materials.

While you should never make a snap judgment about a company just because they have a BBB rating, you should be cautious when considering a new home builder.

HERS rating

The Pulte Homes HERS rating is a score that gives homeowners insight into the energy efficiency of their homes. It is a national standard that federal agencies and industry organizations use. Almost anything inside or outside a house can be measured for energy efficiency.

These homes are built to meet new Energy Star requirements. This results in more comfort for families. And they will use less water and electricity, which can translate into huge savings.

A Pulte home is designed and tested to be as energy efficient as possible. They feature ENERGY STAR appliances, saving homeowners 10 to 15 percent on their utility bills. In addition, their Energy Star labels are certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Floor plans

Considering building a new home, you may want to check out Pulte Homes’ floor plans. These homes are well-built and offer many innovative features. In addition, they are designed with the needs of today’s homebuyers.

The Pulte website offers some fun interactive tools, like “Kitchenology.” It also provides tips on energy efficiency and flexibility.

Another cool thing about this company is its free downloads. For example, you can download a home design tool showing you all available options. Also, you can find a list of communities where Pulte builds.

Among the features offered by Pulte are a basement, large walk-in closets, a garage for two vehicles, and a laundry room on the second floor. In addition, the windows are low emissivity and feature energy-efficient technologies.


A BUILDER’S LIMITED WARRANTY is a warranty document provided by a builder for a home, including plumbing and other mechanical systems. This warranty will cover defects in material and artistry, such as structural damage and internal leaks. It will also protect against water infiltration, air conditioning, heating, and electrical equipment damage, and other damage.

In the event of a defect, the Builder will be responsible for fixing it, which may include refinishing damaged coverings, replacing defective parts, or correcting damaged surfaces. The Builder’s obligations under this limited warranty will not exceed the limit of liability set by law.

Covered Defects are defined as defects in material and artistry that the Builder supplies at the time of the home’s sale. These include structural defects in the exterior, interior, or structural finish and mechanical and electrical systems.


Pulte Homes ratings for subcontractors aren’t the only good news on the labor front. A handful of MetroWest construction workers have been unpaid in the last few months. In addition, this past week, a New England Carpenters Management Program representative picketed a Pulte development in Northbridge.

As for the home itself, Pulte is the developer of the Legacy Farms development in Hopkinton. According to J.D. Power and Associates, it is in the top five percent of builders in the nation. They also dominate the annual customer satisfaction survey.

In the real world, Pulte is known for devaluing homes after purchasing them. In addition, they have a pattern of failing to pay workers. However, they are also known for their attention to detail. For instance, a worker did frame carpentry for Pulte in 2011.

Taking pictures of every pipe, wire, wall, floor, and ceiling

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