Colonial Life Reviews


Colonial Life is a company that provides employee insurance. Employees can carry their policies even when they leave their employer and only have to change their payment method. They are also free from medical questions or exams. However, the amount of information you can find about the policy is limited on the Internet. You will need to contact your benefits counsellor for details. Also, you cannot compare Colonial Life quotes online. You must obtain a quote through your employer.

Financial strength ratings

Financial strength ratings are opinions on the financial strength of an insurance company. Generally, the ratings range from A++ to S+. Numerical modifiers further separate ratings. Higher ratings indicate stronger financial health, while lower ratings reflect a company’s weaker financial position. Colonial Life (Trinidad) is one of the largest life insurance companies in the Caribbean, with a strong market presence and strong brand recognition. The company also has a niche focus on mutual funds and investment management businesses.

Financial strength ratings are provided by AM Best, an independent firm that evaluates insurance companies. AM Best assigns a grade to each insurance company. It does not recommend an insurer with a rating below A-. Financial strength ratings are available for several products and services from Colonial Life. Among these are term plans and whole life policies. Term policies protect beneficiaries before they face significant financial obligations. Unlike other policies, term coverage also maintains a constant premium throughout the term.

Colonial Life has been around for over eighty years. Most large credit rating companies have rated it as a financially stable company. The company’s longevity makes it an ideal choice for people who need life insurance but must obtain the policy through their employer. If they move to a different company, their policies can be easily transferred. Colonial Life also has fewer complaints than the industry average.

Underwriting requirements

Colonial Life may be a good option if you are looking for a life insurance company. The company has high ratings for its financial strength and low customer complaints. However, you will need to be patient when dealing with the company. You will likely need to call them on the phone or fill out a form online. Luckily, Colonial Life is highly rated by the Better Business Bureau.

You should know a few things about Colonial Life’s underwriting requirements. For example, your policy may be subject to a medical exam if you have a history of preexisting conditions. However, you may not need to undergo a medical exam if you have a good medical history.

Another important factor to consider when looking for a life insurance policy is the amount of premium. Depending on your risk profile and health, you can buy up to eight units at once. The minimum unit amount is $400, and the maximum is $2100. The death benefit will depend on your age and health.


Colonial Life is a good company with strong financial strength and an excellent rating for customer satisfaction. However, filing a claim may not be as professional as many consumers hope. In this case, it would be best to seek help from a third party, such as an agent. Nevertheless, customers will have a good experience with the company if they use their patience.

The cost of a colonial life insurance policy largely depends on the applicant’s age. For example, if someone is 40 years old, the policy premium will be about $30 a month. When he is fifty years old, the cost will be $45. By age 80, the cost will rise to $52.50.

Considering buying a life insurance policy for your elderly parents, consider Colonial Penn. This company was founded in 1968 by AARP co-founder Leonard Davis. The CNO Financial Group now owns it. The company also offers supplemental plans for Medicare. The company’s face was Alex Trebek, a television personality in the past.

Customer service

Colonial Life is a life and accident insurance company based in Columbia, South Carolina. It offers disability, accident and life insurance in all 49 states. The company also provides employee benefits and other services. The company is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, and many employees are happy to answer your questions. They can be reached through their website or through telephone.

Customers unhappy with the service they receive at Colonial Life may wish to file a claim. To submit a claim, you must first fill out an application and attach all of your supporting documents. You may also have to fill out a HIPAA form authorizing Colonial Life to access your medical records. Once you submit the form, you should receive a call within two to three days.

Colonial Life is an American life and accident insurance company based in Columbia, South Carolina. It offers life, accident, and disability insurance to individuals and businesses in 49 states. The company’s goal is to make all of your benefits count. They strive to do so through exceptional communications, enrollment, and service.