Forbes Magazine


Forbes is a business magazine published since 1917 by B. C. Forbes in New York City, known for its articles covering industry, finance, investing, and marketing topics. Acquired in 2014 by Integrated Whale Media Investments of Hong Kong, known for its lists ranking billionaires, colleges, and self-made women.

It’s a business magazine.

Forbes is an American business magazine founded by B. C. Forbes and Walter Drey in 1917. The publication offers articles covering finance, industry, investing, and marketing. Before its competitors Business Week and Fortune entered the market in 1930, Forbes was considered the only major business publication available to American readers.

Forbes has transformed from a traditional print publication into a modern media company over time, transitioning from print publications to multiple platforms, including LIVE Events and Virtual Events, Forbes Global 2000 rankings, local editions in 44 countries around the globe, and trusted journalism. Forbes strives to champion those who lead and aspire to lead to transform society for good.

Forbes is widely recognized for publishing lists of America’s wealthiest individuals and the world’s biggest companies and for advocating free enterprise. Unfortunately, however, Forbes has also been accused of political bias by various organizations like The Factual and AllSides; The former classifies Forbes as having a Moderate Right bias while AllSides ranks it as having an Extreme Left one.

It’s a financial magazine.

Forbes was first published in 1917 and is owned by Integrated Whale Media Investments of Hong Kong. It is best known for publishing lists of America’s wealthiest people and global business leaders. Forbes Asia and Forbes Life supplements also exist within this company’s publications portfolio.

Forbes editors emphasize accurate facts, making the magazine an authoritative source among businesspeople. Forbes boasts an enormous readership, and its articles are frequently referenced in research papers. According to Yael Grauer, freelance writer for Forbes, she’s received up to 12 offers to promote content on the site within one month alone.

Forbes is a conservative magazine with an ideological bent towards free markets and limited government, though they’ve published controversial pieces such as Dinesh D’Souza’s 2010 piece that likened Obama to Lenin. Unfortunately, Forbes suffers from low Factual Grade scores due to multiple guest authors contributing articles and inconsistent sourcing for some articles.

It’s a lifestyle magazine.

Forbes magazine is an influential financial news and analysis publication with global reach, providing articles covering finance, entrepreneurship, business investments, technology, and politics. Famously known for its rankings and lists like Forbes 400 list of wealthiest Americans and Global 2000 listing of largest global companies; additionally, it produces several spin-off publications like Forbes Women Travel Guide & Life to keep readers up to date.

B.C established Forbes. As a media and publishing business, Forbes in 1917 in Jersey City, New Jersey. Its main competitors are Bloomberg Business Week and Fortune Magazine; Forbes is privately owned and currently run by its editor-in-chief Steve Forbes; its media division includes Forbes magazine, ForbesLife, and five regional editions; Ad Fontes Media has classified Forbes as Middle in terms of bias reporting while Reliable in analysis/fact reporting – this company is owned by both Integrated Whale Media Investments from Hong Kong as well as members of the Forbes family who own it as well.

It’s a media company.

Forbes Media Company covers business, politics, wealth, and culture. Their mission is to promote entrepreneurialism while driving positive change globally. They are known for providing rigorous yet in-depth business analyses and listing America’s wealthiest people (Forbes 400), leading global companies, and best brands.

Forbes falls under the Factual ratings system’s moderate proper bias news site classification due to their lean-left social bias and center-right view of economic issues. Their reliability rating, however, remains low due to inconsistent sourcing practices, biased writing style, and excessive use of internal links.

Forbes was established in 1917 by B.C. Forbes and later sold to Hong Kong-based Integrated Whale Media Investments in 2014. Since 2014, its ownership has been managed by chairman Steve Forbes and CEO Mike Federle; an undisclosed percentage still belongs to the Forbes family; other significant competitors for Forbes include Business Week and Fortune magazine.