How to Install Google Meet in Laptop


Google Meet is an easy to use video conferencing app that lets you join meetings online with up to 100 participants. It offers several business-oriented features, including complete Google Calendar and Gmail integration.

Meetings also include a variety of security and privacy settings, including in-transit encryption that complies with IETF standards. In addition, all recordings are stored encrypted by default.

1. Download the app

Google Meet is a video conferencing app that lets you connect with other users and share your screen in real time. It’s free to use and is designed to help you work with coworkers, clients, or classmates from a distance.

The app is safe and secure by default; only those invited to a meeting by the owner can enter. It can be used for video calls, chats, and conferences.

It is compatible with a variety of devices and offers numerous privacy settings. It also has many features that make setting up and conducting a meeting easy.

The easiest way to start a Google Meet session is by receiving a joining code or link from the meeting host. Once an individual has accepted this, they can go to the Google Meet website and paste it into the “Enter a code or link” box.

2. Install the app

Google Meet is a modern video conferencing app which is available on a variety of modern internet-connected devices. It is designed to deliver a high-quality experience across multiple platforms, incorporating some of the best design concepts in modern web apps.

Unlike other video conferencing services, Google Meet does not require installing a desktop client. Instead, it works as a Progressive Web App (PWA), which is a technology that Google has been using to power a number of other popular web applications over the past few years.

You will need an excellent browser to get your laptop’s PWA up and to run. Chrome is a good bet as it supports all the features required for the PWA above app. You will also need to make sure that your computer is on the latest version of Windows and the latest edition of Edge, which is the most recent of Microsoft’s newer web browsers.

3. Launch the app

Google Meet is a video-conferencing app that’s easy to use on any device. It’s available on iOS and Android and integrates with other productivity apps such as Docs and Sheets.

If you’re using a laptop, you can launch the app by clicking on its icon from your browser. It’s a Progressive Web App (PWA), so it won’t slow down your computer.

Once you’ve launched the app, it will display a welcome message and the option to schedule a meeting. Clicking this will create a form similar to creating an entry in Google Calendar.

The form will let you set a meeting title, fill in a description, and add attendees. Then, Google will automatically generate a link guests can click when the time arrives.

4. Start a meeting

Start a meeting by clicking the “New meeting” option. You’ll be prompted to fill out the meeting details, including the event’s date and time.

Once the details are ready, you can email or text the link to guests. The invitees will then be able to click the meeting link and join you in the video chat.

Alternatively, you can start the meeting directly from Google Meet’s website. The meeting details will appear on the Google Meet website when you click “Join.”

In addition to the meeting page, several options are available to users who want to mute or unmute their microphones and video. To do so, click on the circle with a minus icon in the lower toolbar.

The lower toolbar also includes a chat panel, which you can use to message other meeting participants. This feature is especially useful if you are having trouble with the video call or need to make a quick comment without interrupting the host’s flow.