How to Install Windows 10 on a New PC


If you have a new PC and want to install windows ten on it, there are several different ways you can do it. One way is to create a bootable USB flash drive and boot from it.

Another option is downloading the official windows ten installation media from Microsoft and performing a clean install. This is useful if you upgrade from an older version of windows, want to delete any preloaded bloatware on the system, or enjoy a fresh install without any existing files or settings to mess with.

Installing from a USB drive

The simplest way to install windows ten on a new pc is to use a bootable USB drive. This will make the process much easier and is a reliable method for most users.

You can download a free tool from Microsoft to create a bootable USB drive. This program will prepare your USB drive for the FAT32 file system and ready it to run the Windows installation setup.

Once you’ve prepared your USB drive, you only need to plug it into your computer and use the software to burn the Windows 11 or Windows 10 ISO file. This is an excellent solution for those who want to take the installation of Windows 10 with them wherever they go.

Once you’ve done this, you only need to plug it back into your computer and restart it. The installation will start as usual, and you can select your language, provide your Windows key, and install Windows 10.

Installing from a DVD

A DVD is an old technology that can store a lot of data. They are usually used to store high-definition content like Blu-ray movies and can also be used to store audio and video material, such as music or games.

Traditionally, you would download the Windows 10 ISO file and burn it to a DVD with third-party software. However, Microsoft now offers a user-friendly Microsoft Media Creation Tool, which you can use to create installation media for your new PC.

The tool will prompt you to accept the terms of the Microsoft software license, then ask you to choose the language, Windows edition, and architecture. After that, check the option to create an ISO file and click Next.

Installing from a hard drive

There are a few ways to install windows ten on a new pc, one of which is to use a hard drive. Using a hard drive will be helpful in case your computer experiences a system crash, and you need to restore the OS.

A hard drive is a magnetic storage device that uses rotating platters to store data. They can be measured in terabytes (TB), gigabytes (GB) or megabytes (MB).

You must create a bootable USB drive or ISO file before you start the installation process. Either way, it’s recommended to back up all your data first.

After that, run the Microsoft media creation tool on your PC or Mac and click Create installation media. This will create a bootable USB flash drive or ISO file.

When it asks where you want to install Windows, select ‘Drive 0 Unallocated Space’ and then Format. This will remove any partitions on the drive and allow it to be used for the clean installation.

Installing from a memory card

One of the best ways to install windows ten on a new pc is by using a memory card. These cards come in a variety of sizes and storage capacities. Still, they all contain constantly powered, nonvolatile memory, such as NAND flash, that safeguards information from power outages or software bugs.

Once your card is prepared, follow the instructions below to install Windows 10.

First, connect your micro SD memory card to your computer and format it to the same file system as your primary storage drive (NTFS for a PC or FAT32 for an SD card). This will make it easier to use.

Next, download the Windows ISO file from the Microsoft website or another trusted source. Open the Windows Media Creation Tool and select Create installation media.