IFFCO Tokio Review


If you are looking for a comprehensive car insurance policy, then IFFCO Tokio car insurance is an excellent option. This insurance company also offers critical illness insurance and group health insurance. A cashless hospitalization facility is another advantage that IFFCO Tokio provides. If you have an accident or get injured, this insurance company can cover your expenses up to a certain amount.

IFFCO Tokio offers comprehensive car insurance

IFFCO Tokio is the third-largest private sector player in the motor insurance market and is poised for continued growth. The company handles over 100,000 claims per month and employs 300 SMEs in multiple locations across the country. It has a no-claim bonus program and offers a simple, quick, affordable online claim process. You can also renew your policy online. Just visit the IFFCO Tokio website and enter your details.

IFFCO Tokio offers comprehensive car coverage, including vehicle liability coverage and third-party property damage. This coverage protects your vehicle from unforeseen damages caused by accidents, theft, fire, riots, and vandalism. It also provides a range of add-ons to increase your protection and claim amounts.

You can also opt for IFFCO Tokio’s Critical Illness Insurance policy, which provides lump-sum payments if the insured member suffers from any of the covered critical illnesses. Another great benefit of this plan is covering damages caused by natural and man-made disasters, including natural calamities. Furthermore, it covers your car in addition to third-party liability and has an easy claim process.

Group health insurance

IFFCO Tokio Group health insurance offers a variety of plans to help group members pay for medical expenses. These plans are available for businesses, corporations, associations, firms, and institutions. Depending on the group’s health needs, you can choose a plan that best suits your group.

The IFFCO Tokio health insurance plan covers various hospitalization and diagnostic test expenses. Additionally, it covers expenses related to medicines and consumables. Moreover, it covers pre and post-hospitalization expenses and treatment at home. In other words, if you’re afflicted with a pre-existing condition, you can get reimbursed for the cost of medical treatments.

Iffco Tokio’s cashless claim settlement process helps you get reimbursement quickly. The company has a network of more than 7500 hospitals across India. Cashless claim approval takes less than two hours. The company also offers discounts for online purchases and renewals of health insurance.

Critical illness insurance

If you or a family member suffers from a critical illness or injury, IFFCO Tokio’s critical illness insurance can help you cover these costs. These policies are flexible and can be purchased individually or as a family floater. The policy also provides rebates on premiums.

IFFCO Tokio critical illness insurance provides coverage for various illnesses and conditions. The policy will pay for your hospitalization expenses if you or a family member has a critical illness. Premiums vary according to the policyholder’s age, the car’s engine capacity, and where you live. The policy also offers cashless hospitalization services.

Iffco Tokio critical illness insurance provides coverage for over 25 critical illnesses. Its comprehensive sum-assured option covers many ailments, including major organ transplants and significant pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Cashless hospitalization facility

A cashless hospitalization facility is an added benefit for policyholders of IFFCO-Tokio health insurance plans. It is available at more than 5000 network hospitals in India. These hospitals are spread evenly across the country, including New Delhi. The cashless hospitalization facility benefits policyholders because it can save time and effort on paperwork. The insurer settles all bills with the hospital.

The cashless facility will be available only at the hospitals in the network. A company representative will coordinate with the hospital and arrange for the payment. The third-party administrator will settle all claims for the patient, allowing them to focus on recovering. In addition to being convenient, the cashless hospitalization facility is also more cost-effective.

It is essential to research hospitals and check if they have a cashless hospitalization facility. You should know about their ratings, specialty care, and emergency services before you decide which hospital to use. IFFCO Tokio aims to vet hospitals to ensure they provide quality medical care.