T-Mobile FamilyWhere – How Accurate is It?


FamilyWhere is an app that allows you to check in via text message. The service is free with a T-Mobile plan. Unfortunately, it is not available with other carriers. However, you can get a free trial version if you want to try it out. , But you should be aware of the costs and Accuracy before making a final decision.

App available for Android

The family where the app is now available for Android. It allows you to monitor the whereabouts of your children. It provides real-time location tracking by placing a simple setting on your child’s phone. It will send you alerts when your kids leave home or arrive at school. In addition, if your child’s battery is low, it will send you a message, alerting you to their location. Other features of the FamilyWhere app will help you monitor your children.

The interface is easy to navigate and full of colour. It offers several options, including a text message-like interface that displays your location on a map. You can add contacts from your phone’s contact list to receive messages about where your child is. There is also an option to type and send a message to a specific person. You can send a family member’s location to any phone with the app.

Free trial

T-Mobile offers a free trial of FamilyWhere, a program that allows you to track a family member’s location. The app lets you see where they are at any given moment and lets you check in at specific times. Parents can keep track of their kids from any device, while the app provides a high level of privacy.

After the free trial has expired, you must sign up for a subscription to continue using the service. A $10 monthly bill will allow you to continue using the service. The app comes with directions to sign up and add family members. Once you’ve signed up, you must agree to the service’s terms. You’ll also need to enable location services on the device where you want to track a family member.


The Accuracy of T-Mobile FamilyWhere depends on the network technology used to obtain the location. The GPS location is very accurate if the phone can see GPS satellites. Still, when the phone is indoors, T-Mobile FamilyWhere relies on alternate location technologies to determine the location. The app will give you the best location fix possible depending on the network conditions, but the Accuracy of the location is not guaranteed. Fortunately, the app is free.

There are a few ways to increase the accuracy of T-Mobile FamilyWhere. First, you must ensure that your device is switched on and connected to your wireless service. This is because a switched-off phone cannot be located using this service. Second, make sure that your device’s GPS is turned on. T-Mobile FamilyWhere uses GPS and a cellular network to determine your device’s location.


T-Mobile offers several options for those seeking to keep track of their families, and one of them is FamilyWhere. It comes as part of any family plan and is available as a stand-alone service. However, it is essential to note that FamilyWhere can only provide approximate location information, and results may not be timely or accurate. They also depend on the wireless network’s capabilities, atmospheric conditions, and satellite data.

T-Mobile FamilyWhere is an advanced Android app that helps users track their family members. Users can set schedules, receive notifications on their location, and even find lost phones. This is an excellent tool for families who want to keep track of their kids, and it is also helpful for partners who want to keep tabs on their spouses. The cost of T-Mobile FamilyWhere is $10 per month. However, users must first subscribe to a T-Mobile data plan.

How to trick app

If you’ve got the Tmobile FamilyWhere app, you may be wondering how to trick it so you can use it to hide your location. FamilyWhere relies on GPS coordinates to determine your location. Fortunately, you can trick the system using fake GPS apps. One popular option is called “Floater.” This app will give you false GPS coordinates. Another option is “Location Faker.” These apps will hide your location so no one can track you.

There are a few ways to trick T-Mobile FamilyWhere. One method involves turning off the feature entirely, preventing it from determining your location in real-time. Another way to fool the system is by installing a VPN or fake GPS. Additionally, you can turn your phone’s location off by placing it in Airplane mode. Finally, another method is to download an alternative app like AirDroid Family Locator.