Is King Kong Digital Marketing a Backyard Operation?


One of the most common questions about King Kong is if the company is a ‘backyard operation.’ There are a few unhappy clients, but most clients have had nothing but good experiences with the company. Despite its ‘backyard’ operation, the company has a great team and consistently delivers results. But is King Kong the right choice for you? Let’s explore the pros and cons of using King Kong digital marketing services.

King Kong is a ‘backyard operation.’

One of the best ways to differentiate King Kong from the competition is to look at its clientele. While most agencies are ‘backyard operations,’ Sabri Suby’s King Kong isn’t. As CEO of King Kong Interactive, I have had the good fortune to work with several top-notch brands, and I am confident that they can deliver the same level of success to you. King Kong has been growing steadily and consistently for almost two centuries.

The company has been ranked 35th on the Australian Financial Review’s Fast Starters list and is currently bootstrapped to $10m in annual revenue. While many companies have the resources to pay top dollar to agencies, King Kong has opted to stay small and guarantee results. Its strategy has been recognized internationally, earning numerous accolades and a spot on the SmartCompany’s Smart 50.

It has truck drivers for product delivery.

One thing that sets King Kong Digital Marketing apart from most other internet marketing companies is that they have their premises. This makes it more convenient for them to meet their clients simultaneously as they can provide product delivery services. Their services also include creating sales funnels and generating leads. However, the company’s business model seems too good to be true. For example, their website claims to have truck drivers for product delivery and has an impressive Facebook following. Unfortunately, there are plenty of negative reviews of the company on Trustpilot.

The founder of King Kong Digital Marketing is an entrepreneur. He bootstrapped the company from scratch to $10 million in revenue and is ranked 35th on the Australian Financial Review’s Fast Starters List. While many digital marketing agencies are still focused on chasing the latest hack, the company is already thinking big. Instead of trying to become the next Facebook, Twitter, or Google, they’re focusing on the mediums that will lead them to a sale. If this approach is successful, King Kong will be the digital marketing agency to beat.

It has a great team.

The King Kong Digital Marketing team is dedicated to providing exceptional service to its clients. Each member has a unique skill set and is passionate about their role. Suby enjoys action over theory and getting his hands dirty. After a brief stint in corporate America, he returned to his sales and marketing roots. His enthusiasm for the company’s mission and its services grew. Today, King Kong is a highly sought-after agency for digital marketing needs.

The team at King Kong is led by Sabri Suby, the self-proclaimed internet overlord and co-founder of King. This entrepreneur started the company from his bedroom in 2014 and bootstrapped it. Within five years, he built a team of 63 specialists and a company worth $30 million. Sabri Suby’s success has resulted in an incredible 312% growth rate. His business has helped 250,000 businesses in 42 countries generate $1.3 billion in sales for its clients.

King Kong is led by serial entrepreneur Sabri Suby, who has bootstrapped the agency to $10 million in revenue. The team’s culture is supportive and fun, and they value hard work over vanity metrics. King Kong’s marketing strategy has garnered numerous awards and has been named to the prestigious SmartCompany’s Smart 50 list. King Kong’s marketing team embraces this approach, and the results speak for themselves.

The King Kong team also works on nurturing sequences and automated email messages keeping the agency top of mind. Over five days, the team used automated email messages, drip videos, and case studies. King Kong also employs social proof and scarcity to keep prospects on their toes. The team has created an excellent system that ensures that each lead receives the needed content. It is easy to see why King Kong has such a great team.

It delivers results

The team at Digital Butter specializes in boutique e-marketing, online strategy, and performance marketing to drive optimal business results for clients. The company’s full digital marketing services include web design and development, technical SEO, and e-commerce. Another division, the Digital Business Lab, focuses on localized and customer-centric social media campaigns. The team also has experience in video production and live streaming. They are backed by LimeHK, a startup accelerator in Hong Kong.